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   Chapter 864 Interception

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The demonic aura python moved at a horrifyingly fast speed, closing the distance between itself and Austin in just a few blinks' time, coming at him from behind.

The python's head was grisly and larger than the size of a house. Its giant mouth opened and bared a mouthful of fangs that were larger than a door. It pounced at Austin, ready to bite into him.

Austin had no choice but to turn around

and deliver a punch with a force of roughly one point five million pounds against the huge python head.


The python's head flew aside with a loud crash.

Austin leaped out of the way and popped up five to six hundred meters away in the blink of an eye.

He seized his chance and utilized the Thunderbolt Movement Skill. Within a split second, he was already a couple thousand meters away from the python

and within a few more seconds, his figure had vanished entirely. .

Austin finally had a rough estimation of the strength of the man in the red robe.

The strength of the sea beast at the Transformation Realm was presumably equivalent to the strength of that of a human warrior at the Astral Realm.

From the single time that Austin had fought the man in the red robe, he discovered that the man had the strength of a warrior at the Astral Realm.

The man had been several thousand meters away from him

when he launched the demonic power attack

and it still required Austin to use all his physical strength to block it.

Only an Astral Realm human master could have such alarming strength.

Moreover, there was another thing that greatly shocked Austin.

The man in the red robe seemed to be able to use a demonic aura martial arts skill in his attacks.

Austin had encountered all kinds of demonic beasts before

and their attack methods were quite limited regardless of their strength.

In general, the beasts had two kinds of methods to deliver attacks:

the first method involved focusing on their inborn tough flesh, while the second method involved relying on their inborn talents such as Violet's illusion or the gnome's teleportation ability.

Human wa

ed these sea beasts to hold me up.

If I get involved in a fight with these sea beasts, the beast at the Transformation Realm will catch me in a heartbeat.'

Austin had no doubt about it

so he wracked his brain for ideas and immediately came up with something.

He linked himself up with the City in his pocket

and dashed towards the giant sharks without hesitation.

The three giant sharks started growling.

They started to move erratically as they opened their huge mouths, exposing their huge snow-white fangs.

In half a breath's time, they collided with each other.

Austin reached out his fist and went for the giant shark in middle, ignoring the other two.

The middle one was the strongest among the three.


Austin's fist hit squarely on its head.

The middle giant shark's strength was only roughly equivalent to that of a human warrior at the medium stage of Master Realm; it was impossible for it to withstand Austin's great force of one point five million pounds.

A hole was formed where Austin's punch landed. Pools of hot blood spurted out from it.

Overwhelmed with the pain, the injured beast let out a shrill roar.

However, there was still a huge possibility that it might still be alive.

As for the two preliminary beast masters, they had barely touched Austin when they were suddenly transported into the City by a kind of teleportation power.

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