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   Chapter 864 A Sea Beast At The Transformation Realm

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"What has happened to your tribe?"

Austin asked utterly confused.

"In order to take my father's place as the head of the tribe my great-uncle connived with the mere human cultivators and tried to destroy us.

My father and several of his most trusted and loyal elders were stuck inside the ancestral mausoleum. They fought with those against us from there.

My father found a way to help us flee from there. We found that the Cyan Flood Dragon King sided with my evil great-uncle and he sent people to hunt us down.

While on the run we lost our sister somewhere and ended up here where we met you.

We're fortunate that we got your assistance.

Otherwise, we would have been caught by Cyan Flood Dragon King's men,"

Olivia replied with what sounded like an honest confession.

"Olivia, to help us out, Hallie stayed alone to fight with Cyan Flood Dragon King's subordinates.

So many days have passed, and we haven't yet heard from her. I am worried about her well-being. What if anything happens to her?"

Lily said worriedly with a melancholy look on her otherwise pretty and serene face.

The two princesses cried on each other's shoulder sadly as if they had recalled what they had been through.

Upon seeing this, the four mermaids standing aside started to sob as well.

The six maids were captivating and looked out-worldly, and the two princess among them deserved to be called the most stunning girls in the world.

At this moment, six beautiful women cried their heart out.


Austin felt sorry when he heard about their difficulties and misfortune.

'It turns out to be a game of pursuing power.

Just like our human world, the intrigues and plots also exist in the sea beast world of Middle World Waters.

The two princesses are level ten sea beasts, and they are only equal to the cultivator at the preliminary or medium stage of Imperial Realm.

It is evident that lots of sea beasts work for the Cyan Flood Dragon King. These princesses will be caught by the Cyan Flood Dragon King sooner or later once I leave them alone, ' he thought to himself.

"So... what's your plan?"

Austin asked, sympathetically.

"Now we can't go home even

in an instant and transferred the six mermaids to a street of the city model.

Austin was sure that the sea beast at the Transformation Realm came here to take possession of the two young princesses of the mermaid tribe.

He knew he could not leave them behind at the hands of these beast.

He then activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and moved in the opposite direction of the man in a red robe.

"You can't get away," the man who was wearing a red robe threatened in the most severe tone.

A spooky anaconda turned up under his feet. With its master on its back, it flew towards Austin at an amazingly fast speed.

The other sea beasts waiting behind the large beast charged towards Austin.

Some fishes, like swordfish, sharks, sailfishes and eels were endowed with fast speed. So they swam exceedingly fast and got closer to Austin.

Some sea beasts even swam deeper inside the sea and took a short cut to catch up with Austin. He was being surrounded by the violent creatures.

"Stop him! Do not let him flee!" The red-robed man gave out instructions.

Terrified, those sea beasts who were going after Austin felt that they were going deaf. His voice caused large waves in front of him.

As he reached out and balled his hand into a fist, the demonic aura over his head gathered quickly and formed a snake which was over a thousand meters long. It moved forward and stopped between the man and Austin. It was ready to attack at cue!

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