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   Chapter 863 This Boy Is Powerful

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In such a short time, four tenth-level sea beasts united around sixty eight-level and nine-level sea beasts. Together, they surrounded Austin and the four maidservants.

Those sea beasts reeked with a strong fishy smell and possessed an immense demonic aura.

"Since you come here courting death, let me give it to you then,"

Austin said with a playful smile as he glared at the four tenth-level sea beasts.

He was obviously thirsty to butcher the sea creatures.

"Go to hell!" Austin suddenly shouted.

Without using any particular skill, he directly attacked the sea beasts with his mere physical strength.

Instantly, the sound of four crisp slaps echoed in the entire area. Austin hit the sea beasts really hard.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Caught off guard, the four level-ten sea beasts were immediately smashed to pieces.

Austin pulled their bodies next to him and used the Beast Energy-extracting Skill to refine their blood essence.

The whole thing happened so quickly that the other sea beasts were shocked too.

How could a mere human, a young man, kill several high-leveled sea beasts with just his mere physical strength?

The killing intent was written clearly on Austin's face, making the four maidservants' hearts thump even faster.

In the last several days, Austin had participated in several battles and became more brutal. His mind and body were filled with murderous wills.

He had been practicing the Beast Energy-extracting Skill for more than a month, enabling him to absorb the blood essence more proficiently.

After being appalled for a while, the other sea beasts came to their senses.

They were outraged and dashed so fast like bullets, moving straight towards Austin.

"You're clearly biting off more than you can chew!"

The rest of the sea beasts were only at level eight or nine.

However, Austin's physical strength had reached 1, 500, 000 pounds.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Austin slapped them fiercely. His hand was heavy enough to cause severe injuries to the sea beasts.

He continuously slapped them, as if he was merely smacking mosquitoes.

Within just thirty seconds, all of the sea beasts were all chapped into pieces.

None of them were left alive.

The sea beasts' bodies were large. And with their blood splattered around the whole island, the place was turned into a scarlet piece of land.

Austin stared at the three beast masters who were at all the preliminary stage.

He looked like a predator prying on his prey.

Austin had finished refining the whole blood essence

e best use of the elixir.

Austin planned to bid his goodbye to the six mermaid girls before proceeding with his cultivation journey.

As promised, he had safely escorted the four maidservants back to their hometown. Now that he had done that successfully, it was time to depart.

About half an hour later, the six girls walked up to Austin.

"Young hero, they are Princess Olivia and Princess Lily, the princesses of our tribe.

Their father is the head of our tribe,"

one of the maidservants introduced the princesses.

"Nice to meet you," Austin courtly said.

He gave them a slight smile.

"Sir, thank you for your help. You have saved not only them but also my sister and me.

You are a good man.

Thank you very much!"

Olivia expressed with her sweet and soft voice.

Then the six mermaid girls bowed to Austin politely and thankfully.

"You are welcome. Straighten yourselves up, please.

I give little value to outward politeness. Please, stand up."

Austin was evidently not used to being treated like that.

However, even with Austin's request, the girls bowed to Austin a few times before they stood straight.

"I am quite curious about something, if you don't mind me asking,"

Austin started, his eyes were a little bit skeptical.

"If you are the noble princesses, why are you being hunted by those sea beasts?"

Curiosity glinted in Austin's eyes as he fired the question.

"Sir, due to some internal conflict, our tribe got into trouble.

We just escaped.

The sea beasts chasing after us are the subordinates of the Cyan Flood Dragon King,"

Olivia explained in a low spirit, obviously still hurt of whatever tragedy happened to her clan.

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