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   Chapter 861 Princess Olivia And Princess Lily

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Northeast of where he was standing, Austin saw several sea beasts chasing two girls.

The girls appeared to be standing on pale blue light rings which carried them over the sea.

Although the girls flew at tremendous speed, the sea beasts could still keep up with them.

The sea below the girls had numerous trenches that were hundreds of meters deep. Massive waves surged high above sea level.

When Austin released his spiritual sense, he found that the scent of the two girls matched that of Ronald's four maidservants whom Austin had met before.

It was a unique scent that belonged to the Mermaid Clan.

Austin had such confidence in his spiritual sense power that he was sure he had identified their scents correctly.

The mermaid was a very strange race. Although they were diabolic beasts, they also had prominent human characteristics.

It was, thus, a little hard to identify them.

If Austin had not met Ronald's four maidservants before

he would believe that these two girls were real human beings.

How could the mermaids, who lived in the depths of the Middle World Waters, appear above the sea? And why were they being pursued by so many sea beasts?

Austin's curiosity had been piqued.

The sea beasts chasing the two mermaid girls seemed to be mostly at level nine and level ten.

A few appeared to be the preliminary beast masters.

Austin was not afraid of creatures at these levels.

After contemplating, Austin activated the teleportation power of the City that he carried with him.

Suddenly, Ronald's four maidservants, who had been in a street of the City, found themselves being transported elsewhere.

They materialized beside Austin, who was still hovering over the sea.

"Where are we?

Are we in the Middle World Waters?"

"Yes! This smells like the Middle World Waters.

Oh good! We're back in the Middle World Waters!"

After materializing beside Austin, the four maidservants appeared stunned for a moment.

They finally figured out what had happened and wept with joy. They were excited by the sea that glistened in the sun before them.

"Young hero, thank you for bringing us back to the Middle World Waters!"

The four maidservants turned and knelt before Austin.

Since their cultivation base was equivalent to the premium stage of Sky Realm, they could kneel while levitating in mid-air.

Austin hurriedly asked them to stand.

Then he shared with the four maidservants what he had just seen.

"What? Two mermaid girls?

Several sea beasts were


"Princess Olivia!

Princess Lily!"

Suddenly, the four maidservants shouted. They could not believe what they were seeing. As shock enveloped the four maidservants, their hands flew to their mouths.


Is that you?"

The two mermaid girls, who were standing in the center of the uninhabited island, shouted.

Austin realized that

the four maidservants and the two mermaid girls knew each other.

"It is Princess Olivia and Princess Lily!"

The four maidservants were very excited.

The beasts noticed the communication between the four maidservants and the two mermaid girls.

They were curious for a moment.

Suddenly, an anaconda, a preliminary beast master, roared. Then, level ten sea beasts clustered around it.

The level ten sea beasts ordered sixty level eight and level nine creatures to surround Austin and the four maidservants.

"Lana, leave quickly!

They recognize you. And I know what level you are at.

You cannot defeat them. Escape now. Go as far as you can!"

The two mermaid girls were shocked and immediately warned the four maidservants.

The sea beasts had also recognized the four maidservants to be the mermaids.

Perhaps because they all lived in the Middle World Waters, they had some special connection with each other.

Austin speculated.

"Young hero..."

Seeing the sea beasts surrounding them, the four maidservants hurried to look at Austin. He could see traces of panic on their faces.

"Don't be alarmed. They are not powerful enough to hurt us. It's not worth worrying about,"

Austin said with a gentle smile.

The four maidservants felt a little relieved when they saw Austin's calm expression.

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