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   Chapter 861 Are They Mermaids

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"Young man! Let me be honest.

I have reported to Right Wing General through the Contact Jade Slip that you disobeyed his orders and ran away, instead of going into battle.

The general has replied that he will kill anyone who disobeys the orders and acts according to his whims and fancies or acts as per his wishes.

But, young man, I would like to give you a chance to live.

Come here. Kneel before me and cut off one arm of yours by your own hands. Let it be an apology for your wrong doings.

Then probably, I'll put in a good word for you and the general will let you off from death this time.

Otherwise, you'll surely die!"

Laird ordered in a threatening tone, staring at Austin with his vicious eyes. There was nothing but hatred in him and a smirk on his face.


So, you have informed the Right Wing General about it?

You and I, we both know that he is a master of the Astral Realm while I'm just at the Imperial Realm. In his eyes, my life is as invaluable as an ant's. How and why will he let me off?

I know very well what you want! You just want me to die! Don't disguise your murderous intent in cunning words!"

Now that he understood and confronted Laird for his evil intentions, Austin didn't need to maintain a superficial peace with him. Something he was struggling to maintain since they came here.

Instantly, he unleashed all his physical strength. Leaving only a shadow behind, he suddenly appeared in front of Laird. The powerful physical strength given off by Austin squeezed the space and gave rise to gales.

"How about you try to face my physical strength!"

Austin roared. His bellow was as strong as thunder. His voice created waves that were darting towards Laird.

With the increase of physical strength, Austin's internal organs became as solid as iron. When the air passed through his windpipe, he made slight explosive sounds.

Austin urged his vital energy and roared, leaving Laird shell-shocked.

Laird suddenly felt that the space around him was suppressed by a great force. His own vital energy couldn't circulate smoothly in his body. The other thing that couldn't flow freely in his body was his blood. It seemed to have been frozen by the force around him.

'How can he have such powerful physical strength?'

Laird thought to himself as he began to panic.

Without losing any more time, Austin threw a punch directly at Laird's body.

"How dare you!" Laired yelled.

A golden spear instantly appeared before him. It was crazily emitting level three spear potential and countless spear intents.

It turned into a roaring, fearsome golden python and pounced on Austin.


Austin's fist made contact with the head of the golden python.


With that blow, the golden spear shattered into several pieces.

The bright numerous spear intents were extinguished in a second!


Laird cried hysterically.

Even before he could realize anything, the next moment his body exploded to dust.

With his sharp eyes and quick hands, Austin took up the opportunity. He grabbed Laird's Space Ring and hid it

und. They would discuss when they found any place which was similar to the one described in the map.

When Austin would slay the marine beasts between the seas, he often came across the members of other teams.

As he was powerful enough to perceive them first, Austin avoided them. He would move away even before they could notice him.

After searching for so many days, no one had found the ancient master's palace yet.


It was one of those days when Austin killed an icy seal which was a beast master at the preliminary stage. Austin killed the beast and then extracted and purified its blood essence and vital energy.

After that he kept moving forward further into the sea.

Suddenly, there was a disturbance.


The sound of a huge wave was heard.

It came from the sea nearby.

Two figures rushed out of the water and flew away.

Soon after that, the water moved violently. It created huge roaring sounds.

The sea was filled with huge waves and the soaring waves rose and fell violently.

Gradually the movement in the sea became turbulent as if the water was boiling. Many wild marine beasts rushed out of the sea.

'I killed too many marine beasts. So, could it be possible that they are working together to fight me?' Austin thought.

He had encountered a similar situation several times earlier too.

Soon, Austin found out that he was not the target of those marine beasts.

The marine beasts were chasing the two figures who had earlier rushed out of the water.

Austin was filled with curiosity. So, he extended his spiritual sense across and moved closer to the two figures.

'Huh! What's this?' Austin thought.

He was surprised that the target of those marine beasts were two beautiful girls!

With curvy bodies and fair faces, they were gorgeous. Austin hadn't seen such beauties for a long time.

Apart from their beauty, Austin also sensed a familiar aura from them.

He was trying to guess it when suddenly it struck him hard. They were mermaids! 'Are they mermaids?' he asked himself in surprise.

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