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   Chapter 859 Confront Laird Again

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Austin was stunned when he looked down and saw hundreds of thousands of sea beasts jump out of the sea.

It was a well-known fact that sea beasts were highly reproductive.

Since there were all kinds of species in the sea, the astronomical number of sea beasts was astonishing.

Austin acknowledged that even though he was a strong cultivator, he couldn't handle a myriad of sea beasts at the same time.

"Fine. They win.

These sea animals are ruthless and really work as a collective group!" Austin murmured with a sigh.

He knew that it wasn't a good idea to continue hunting there.

Hence, he gathered his vital energy and activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill. In the blink of an eye, he moved left, and disappeared leaving behind a vague shadow.

A few moments later, he had disappeared from the area.

Austin had planned to go to another place to continue cultivating the Beast Energy-extracting Skill.

Meanwhile, at the same time unknown to Austin, Laird and his team members were flying above the sea where Austin had just left.

They combed through the area inch by inch with great care.

Under Laird's leadership, the group had slain eight primary-level beast masters and a batch of level-eight and level-nine sea beasts within the past ten days.

They had also collected many valuable beast cores.

As for the beast cores, as long as they turned in some to the royal family, they could keep the rest for themselves.

Therefore, all the team members were excited.

'I got so many beast cores and some valuable parts of top-level sea beasts.

If I bring them back and sell them, I can make a lot of money, ' they thought.

The members were in high spirits at the thought of more beasts cores and were, therefore, looking to kill more sea beasts.

However, as the saying went, 'Don't count your chicks before they hatch.' Just then, a great number of sea beasts jumped out of the sea.

Hundreds of thousands of them exuding a ferocious, cold vibe leaped into the air to attack the cultivators.

Most of them were level-eight, level-nine or level-ten sea beasts. Some were even beast masters.

There were, of course, some that were below level eight.

Caught off guard, one team member at the medium stage of Imperial Realm got injured. His foot was pierced by a bo

sped up and flew in Austin's direction.

The rest team members accelerated to keep up with him.

Moments later, Laird and a dozen cultivators came into Austin's view.

They stood in front of Austin in a flash.

"You coward. You deserted your team members. Now there is no way for you to escape and hide," Laird hollered as he frantically waved his hand.

Upon seeing this, over ten cultivators besieged Austin.

"Who told you I would run away? Can't you see I was waiting for you?"

Austin crossed his arms over his chest, looking composed.

'What's going on with him?'

Laird and his team members were thrown off by his demeanor and didn't understand why Austin was acting in such a calm manner.

"Humph! You're too perky.

Brat, don't think you're invincible just because you have learned some sword skills.

Do you think we can't hurt you?"

Laird said coldly.

Austin's attitude pissed him off.

"Laird, there is no need to waste time talking to him.

Take him out and then we can continue with our task," one team member proposed.

The team member instigated other members to express themselves.

"I have met many young men like him. They are slightly strong and then think they are the best cultivators in the world. Just put him down. Don't waste time on him," said another team member.


Looks like these people all want me dead.

That's great.

I will kill them all, '

Austin thought, as anger gradually built up in his heart with the condescending attitude of Laird and his team.

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