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   Chapter 858 Growing Physical Strength

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Blood essence streamed out from the body of the magical sawshark. The abundant vitality it contained flowed towards Austin.

The Magical Beast Elixir began to stir up inside Austin's body as he absorbed the last wisps of the essence.

The more his muscles, bones, and internal organs constantly absorbed the vital energy of the beast, the more his strength grew.

In just a little more than ten minutes, he had already developed 2, 000 extra pounds of power.

He licked his lips in satisfaction.

"It was really worth it coming to the Middle World Waters," he said to himself.

Every demonic beast he had encountered was at least a level ten one and he had even encountered a beast master.

He was determined to do everything it took to improve his cultivation, even if it meant defeating every beast he crossed paths with.

A moment later, Austin encountered another level ten sea beast.

It was a green demonic crab

whose shell was as hard as armour.

It took him three Lightning Sword Auras to break the shell and subsequently kill the beast.

He then absorbed its blood essence, thus obtaining another 2, 000 pounds of physical strength.

Austin continued to move forward, encountering a dozen level ten sea beasts and absorbing their blood essence along the way.

His physical strength was increased by almost 20, 000 pounds. .

'The sea beasts I've met here are all at level ten. Those waters must be a major area for sea beasts. Where can I find a stronger one?'

he mused.

He was starting to get lost in his thoughts when—


came the loud growl of a creature.

Austin looked around to see where the sound had come from and eventually found an uninhabited island not too far from him.

The power of the roar was so strong that it reverberated in all directions, creating a hair-raising atmosphere.


was both astonished and pleased.

Judging from the power of the roaring, he reckoned that it came from a powerful beast

that was stronger than a level ten sea beast. It might even be a beast master.

Motivated by his excitement, he dashed towards the uninhabited island with rocket-like speed.

In just a few moments, he arrived at the island and he immediately saw a giant sea beast

with a body that was shaped like an enormous 60-feet l

demonic beasts, the waters had started to become turbulent.

A strong gust of wind violently blew over the sea, engulfing the entire underwater world.

Fishes, corals–numerous water creatures and plants were instantly turned to dust.

Then there came an angry roar from the deep waters

that scared the ordinary demonic sea beasts into shivering.

"Damn it!

The bastard human cultivators have gone too far! They trespassed in our territory and slaughtered our kin."

"In just ten days, we have lost so many beast masters.

If we don't take immediate action and just let it go on like this, the strength of our tribe will be badly affected.

Demonic sea beasts from other areas might find it easier to torment us if this continues."

"Damn humans, killing us just to procure our cores!"

"Greedy human martial artists! Their sins are unforgivable!"

"We need to assemble–a war! Let's launch a war on these human martial artists!"

A group of great demonic beasts lamented; furious and thirsting for bloodshed in exchange of the causalities they endured.

On dry land, Austin and the other martial artists from everywhere heard the uproar that came under the sea.

It was powerful enough to turn the whole ocean upside down.

Thousands of demonic sea beasts were coming for them.

There were fishes, shrimps, crabs, turtles, dolphins, and whales, plus some other creatures that they had never seen before.

The raging waves were overwhelming and it seemed as if they could destroy the world.

"What the hell..."

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