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   Chapter 858 Magical Sawshark

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"You are the most powerful among us. Why are you making me launch a frontal attack first?"

Austin's voice was icy cold, and his eyes were slightly narrowed.

"You have a bold tongue! How dare you disobey my order?

Do you know what will happen if I report this to the Right Wing General of the royal household?

You will be punished!" Laird snapped.

The general in charge of the mission turned to be the Right Wing General of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"Oh, so you are ordering me around just because you are the squad captain? Well, sorry to disappoint you but, that kind of authority won't work on me," Austin blurted out with full conviction.

He was bold enough to disobey Laird since they had quarreled before.

Besides, the mission was never really his priority.

Austin's primary goal was to cultivate his Beast Energy-extracting Skill through the sea beasts.

"Okay. So you want to revolt, huh?

You are such one bold man.

Everyone, listen to me! This man is a traitor!" Laird's anger flared.

Everyone was all ears when suddenly, the giant octopus moved while Laird and Austin were bickering.


As the blood-red demonic energy shot up into the sky, a tentacle as thick as a bucket brusquely flung at a squad member who was at the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

The octopus was a Beast Master at its preliminary stage. Its strength was equivalent to a Master Realm human warrior.

That squad member's face turned pale as he felt an overwhelming demonic power flooding and enveloping his body.

"Captain Laird, the beast is attacking!"

The other squad members dared not neglect the octopus' power. One after another, they exercised their consummate skills and launched attacks against the sea creature in different directions.

Laird hesitated for a moment, his face gloomy and cold.

"Well, I will deal with this beast first before settling old scores with you, traitor."

His golden spear flew out and stabbed the octopus at full speed. An enormous amount of vital energy force poured to the pole continuously.

Urged by the overwhelming vital energy force, a golden boa emerged from the spear, baring its fangs and charging at the octopus in a tricky angle.

Having sensed Laird's strength, the octopus folded its four or five tentacles and slapped onto his golden spear from various sides.

Laird's attack made the other squad members heave a sigh of relief.


urface of the water and slowly moved forward.

With the aid of his sense, Austin found that those sharp bones were on the back of a magical sawshark.

It was such a rare opportunity to sight such a level-ten sea beast. Austin would, by no means, let it slip away.

The Lightning Sword was already in his palm as he stretched his right hand.

With his Swift Thunder Swordsmanship, a thunderbolt sword aura hacked at the magical sawshark at the speed twenty-five times faster than the velocity of sound.


The roaring sound of the thunderbolt alerted the magical sawshark, causing it to suddenly swim back in an attempt to escape.

It could sense the whiff of danger approaching at lightning speed.

However, it was already too late as Austin's Swift Thunder Swordsmanship was designed for speed attacks.


The thunderbolt sword aura slashed the magical sawshark's head and cut it into halves.

A level-ten sea beast's strength was equivalent to a warrior at the preliminary or medium stage of Imperial Realm.

As a warrior at the premium stage of Imperial Realm equipped with the formidable power of the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship, Austin was able to slaughter the magical sawshark without breaking a sweat.

Just as he killed the sea beast, Austin produced a suction force via his vital energy force and suspended the corpse of the shark in front of him.

As he carried out the Beast Energy-extracting Skill, rings of special force with refining effect emanated from Austin's hands and enveloped the corpse of the sawshark. He was preparing to extract the energy out of the sea creature.

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