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   Chapter 855 The Ancient Master's Palace

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A moment later, five crystal warships reached above the Trident Island. They looked around for an apt place to land the warships.

The general and two old men who had been beside him flew down and landed on the island.

The rest of the cultivators also flew down from the warships on to the island.

Nearly six hundred men had been recruited for the mission. Along with two or three hundred people from the royal troops, it was a total of about a thousand people that landed on the island.

Soon after they all landed, the five crystal warships that were in the sky, turned into five streams of light and got down somewhere in the middle of the island.

Austin was hiding among the men. When he landed on the island, he looked around and observed the Trident Island for a while quietly.

It was sunny and the island was covered with green vegetation.

Devil's ivy could be seen growing everywhere around the endless mountains. The fragrance of flowers was looming in the air. There was a strong atmosphere of primitive habitat that had been undisturbed and unaffected by human activities.

On the other part of the island, there were many buildings. These were of the same size as those which were found in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

There were residential areas, streets, shops and so many other structures.

There were fleets of soldiers, dressed in uniforms. They represented the royal troops and were patrolling the island holding halberds.

The Trident Island seemed to be a stronghold of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom in the Middle World Waters.

Austin had little knowledge in this regard so he quietly took in all that he observed there.

It was often said that in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World, some powerful forces would find an island in this Middle World Waters and establish their own strongholds.

That night, more than a thousand people had reached and rested on the Trident Island.


The sun rose quietly on the next morning.

All the people gathered in a square, covered with marble tiles, on the island.

They settled down and took their places and waited anxiously.

The general and the two old men also came to the square.

Along with them, there was also a burly middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was a strong cultivator who was at the Astral Realm.

As a result, there were four strong men at the Astral Realm, who had landed on the Trident Island.

Austin secretly wondered whether the royal family really needed to send four strong cultivators of the Astral Realm, if they were only there to hunt sea beasts. Such strong men weren't really needed to

ch group was divided into ten small teams.

Each team was allotted a team leader.

These team leaders were also masters at the Master Realm.

The ten teams belonging to the same group formed a fan-shaped queue to search the same area.

This meticulous arrangement was the need of the hour.

And more than a thousand people, including royal soldiers, were divided into ten groups and a hundred small teams!

Once the teams were divided, each cultivator stood close to his own team in position.

... ...

Austin too stood in the team in which he belonged. Strangely, he felt that someone was staring at him with a hostile gaze.

When he looked up, he couldn't stop the frown on his face.

He came to know that the leader of the team to which he belonged was Laird!

Laird kept staring at Austin with a cold gaze.

For a second, the cold eyes of the two men met.

'Oh! How interesting!'

Austin thought.

Laird glared at Austin. He too seemed to be delighted.

Maybe he was thinking of the rule that every team member had to follow the orders of the team leader. Now he had Austin under him.

"Well, boy! What an encounter!

Watch out how I'm going to mess with you this time!"

Laird was like a cold vicious viper, ready to sting and bite any time.

However, Austin did not take Laird seriously.

With his current strength, Austin made up his mind that there was no need for him to be afraid of Laird.

Therefore, Austin was indifferent to Laird's threatening and hostile gaze. He didn't let Laird's presence affect him in any way.

"You'll weep and repent boy!"

Laird spoke. He felt angered and humiliated by Austin's indifferent attitude. Little was he aware of the present potential and power that Austin possessed.

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