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   Chapter 855 Middle World Waters

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Five crystal warships were going at full speed. Austin sat cross-legged as he practiced his Golden Sun Scripture in his room.

Even though the warships were fast enough, it still would take them seven to ten days, to reach Middle World Waters.

Since Austin hated being bored, he did something productive and meaningful instead of sleeping the journey away.

But before they could reach their destination, something of great importance happened. It was the day they set out for the Middle World Waters.

Austin had boarded one of the five crystal and they were heading for their destination.

In the heart of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom's Evergreen City, something was happening inside the secret chamber under the Song Clan's ancestral house.

An old man was sitting on his chair, cross-legged. He was motionless.

Because of that, he looked dead, which was understandable, but something was amiss -- his appearance was changing constantly!

Sometimes, he would appear as a mid-aged strong man, then he would change into a weathered old man with a mostly bald head and grey hair.

After a while, he changed and became a handsome young boy.

Basically, his changing appearance was mirroring how a man would look like in the different stages of his life.

No one knew how much time had already passed, but he finally stopped changing the appearances and returned to his true self at one point.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and two rays of incredibly bright light rushed out from them, lighting up the relatively dark chamber.

At that moment, it became apparent that the chamber was full of horrified and depressed aura that arose from him.

Soon enough, he had fully impacted every inch of the place with his power.

"I have conquered the three inexorable dooms, but when would I achieve immortality?

How long will I have to keep doing this?"

the old man bitterly asked out loud, looking helpless.

After a few moments, he got his mind out of the concentration of the practice.

"My poor grandson, I'll never forget how you died.

Trust me. I'll avenge you. He who killed you will pay dearly for his crime!"

he shrieked in agony, lamenting the fate of his beloved grandson.

As he said that, he raised his hand and grasped something in the air.

It turned out to be a wisp of Austin's spiritual soul. With it, he would be able to sense Austin if he was anywhere near him.

The old man had the ability to recognize spiritual souls. He copied the features of the spiritual souls and put them into several jade slips.

And then he spoke some secret ancient incantations. After that, they all disappeared into thin air.

The news was quickly spreading throughout the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"What? Ronald, the second son of the Song Clan, was killed? How?" one citizen loudly asked as she heard the news.

The patriarch of Song Clan declared that they were going to track down the heartless murderer no matter what

oup of seagulls flying overhead.

As innocent as they look, these seagulls were actually demonic beasts. Most of them were in level eight, and some were nine.

They had got the same power as a human who was at the medium or premium stage of Sky Realm.

While one single seagull could be managed by a warrior, thousands of them were powerful enough to make a great deal of damage.

Besides the seagulls, they started seeing many big fishes jumping out of the water.

Carefully, they observed them.

They found that the big fishes were also a kind of demonic beast.

They were in different levels, though, form level six to even ten.

But some of them were just common fish.

Like the seagulls, one fish could be considered as just a fish.

But a school of fish? Definitely a powerful unit which you couldn't ignore.

All of that boiled into a single, indisputable fact: in the Middle World Waters, there were a large amount of beasts.

Actually, there were too many beast dwelling in it.

As the warriors of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom looked at vast space in front of them, everyone stayed alert.

They hadn't encountered the beasts they were seeing, and so they started wondering what, and how powerful they were. Without any kind of way to get answers, being vigilant was the only course of action for them at the current moment.

"Okay, guys.

The Trident Island ahead is where we're going to stay.

We're soon going to stop over there to take a break.

After that, we'll start our missions."

The general announced, as he stood beside two old men on the board of one warship.

Hearing this, everyone looked ahead, taking a look at the said island.

They found that it was far away at the edge of the sea.

It was big indeed, and

it was shaped like a triangle. It had three angles which stretched far into the treacherous waters. Seeing this, all became instantly fired up. They were ready to finish the job they were hired to do.

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