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   Chapter 854 Crystal Warship (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6048

Updated: 2019-09-06 00:42

He was shocked when he saw over 600 hundred people waiting on the grounds.

'I didn't expect that the royal family of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom would recruit so many people.

Are they planning to hunt a lot of sea monsters?' Austin wondered in confusion.

He then joined the crowd and stood there waiting.

An hour later.

"Look over there. It's the warship of the royal family!"

some cultivators screamed simultaneously in surprise.


Five swooping sounds rang out above the drill ground, as five beings cast shadows on the ground.

The entire drill grounds turned dark.

The crowd looked up at the sky in confusion.

That was when they saw that five huge warships lined up and were suspended in mid-air. They were so large that entire sky was blocked off from view all over the grounds.

The ships looked like five monstrous beasts, striking fear into the hearts of anyone who saw them.

Each warship was a thousand meters long and over five hundred meters wide.

Countless colorful flags lined on the ships flapped in the wind.

The design of each flag featured a fierce, majestic dragon—the symbol of the royal family of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It was really something to marvel at.

"Oh, my gosh! They are really crystal warships."

"It was said that the royal family owned a dozen crystal warships which have existed for a thousand years and were kept in secret. I can't believe the rumors were true."

"It seems like we are going to the Middle World Waters by ship.

This is just fantastic. Who would have thought that I'd be able to board the legendary crystal ship."

As soon as the five warships showed up, a heated discussion broke out among the cultivators waiting in the drill ground.

Austin remained silent, and listened to them carefu

neat and very homey as there was a bed, a desk and two chairs inside it.

After Austin entered the room, his lips curved into a smile. 'It was indeed a wise decision to go to Middle World Waters with the team from the royal family.

If I had decided to make it there on my own, it would have been a long, tiresome journey.

But now I don't need to do or worry about anything. I can just stay in my room, resting and relaxing, while waiting until we reach our destination. This is just fantastic and such a luxury too.'

So, Austin stayed in the cabin, and relaxed.

A few seconds later, his room began shaking dramatically as if there was an earthquake.

All the items in the room suddenly slammed backward at the same time.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense and discovered that the five warships soared into the sky and moved forward at an alarming speed. He could barely stand up straight.

Out of curiosity, he calculated the speed of the five ships. And the results shook him to the core.

The five crystal warships moved at least ten times faster than he did even if he fully activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill. They were moving faster than the speed of sound. How amazing!

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