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   Chapter 853 Crystal Warship (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 6101

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He was shocked when he saw over 600 hundred people waiting on the grounds.

'I didn't expect that the royal family of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom would recruit so many people.

Are they planning to hunt a lot of sea monsters?' Austin wondered in confusion.

He then joined the crowd and stood there waiting.

An hour later.

"Look over there. It's the warship of the royal family!"

some cultivators screamed simultaneously in surprise.


Five swooping sounds rang out above the drill ground, as five beings cast shadows on the ground.

The entire drill grounds turned dark.

room began shaking dramatically as if there was an earthquake.

All the items in the room suddenly slammed backward at the same time.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense and discovered that the five warships soared into the sky and moved forward at an alarming speed. He could barely stand up straight.

Out of curiosity, he calculated the speed of the five ships. And the results shook him to the core.

The five crystal warships moved at least ten times faster than he did even if he fully activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill. They were moving faster than the speed of sound. How amazing!

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