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   Chapter 853 Crystal Warship (Part One)

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Michelle stared at Austin with a beaming smile plastered on her face.

"Thank you for what you have done for our clan, Austin," she said shyly.

"Don't say that. I'm actually glad that you're not blaming me for getting you into trouble," Austin responded with a blush.

Austin was terrible at handling such situations. He often blurted out random things during those moments.

As Marwell gazed at Austin's slightly red face, something funny suddenly crossed his mind.

'Perhaps I should give Michelle and Austin some space, ' he thought with a playful smile. He suddenly felt like being a matchmaker between the two.

"Michelle, you should keep Austin company. I suddenly remembered that I still have some errands to deal with," Marwell said to his daughter, smiling inwardly.

Then he took Joyce by the hand and pulled her towards the building where he often cultivated.

"But I don't want to go anywhere. I want to talk to Austin some more,"

Joyce protested, as she struggled to break free from her father's grip. She hadn't seen Austin for a long while and she had so many to share. The last time they met wasn't really a good timing for chit-chat, so she didn't want to miss this one.

"Be a good girl now. Leave your sister and Austin alone. You'll understand when you grow up," Marwell lectured.

He then dragged Joyce away.

"Marwell, you..."

"What are you doing, Dad?"

Austin and Michelle immediately knew what Marwell was up to and why he wanted to leave them alone.

Their faces turned red and they both immediately looked the opposite way.

Michelle's cheeks were flushed red, like red apples which were ripe for harvest. She bashfully stole Austin a glance before turning again in the opposite direction.

Austin was also speechless at Marwell's actions. He was also red from head to toe since he didn't

st time that they had met.

The only thing that was hindering her from progressing even further before was due to the lack of cultivation resources. And because of her promising talent, Austin didn't even hesitated to provide those resources for her.

As they spoke, Austin sensed that Tessa hadn't stabilized at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm yet, for she had just made a breakthrough not too long ago.

After thinking for a while, he took out hundreds of thousands of superior vital energy crystals from his Space Ring and handed them to Tessa.

Tessa gaped at the shiny superior vital energy crystals. Never before in her entire life had she seen so many superior vital energy crystals!

Austin also gave Tessa some elixirs which could help nourish and replenish her vital energy as she meditated, so that she could spend more time consolidating the realm she had reached without worrying about her vital energy levels.

He chatted some more with Tessa for a while, before he took his leave.

Inspired by Tessa's progress, Austin spent the rest of his time practicing and perfecting the Golden Sun Scripture. . ..

The next day, Austin woke up early and went to the drill ground in the west of the capital.

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