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   Chapter 851 The Space-controlling Palm And The Sky-cracking Finger (Part Two)

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While reflecting on it all, he thought that it was fortunate for him that Lewis didn't have the time to use it against him.

If he used it, Austin would not have been able to protect himself and finish Lewis.

Satisfied by everything, Austin put the bead back into his Space Ring. . .

Austin then took out a long purple umbrella from his Space Ring.

It was a trophy he had obtained from Ronald.

Looking at it and holding it, he was aware that it was a high-grade divine weapon.

He reflected and thought of the time when he had stricken Ronald with dozens of sword aura with lightning. Ronald had successfully fended off all of them using this umbrella.

So Austin knew very well about how powerful that umbrella was.

Now, he got into the umbrella using his spiritual sense. This time too after searching around for a while, he found a spiritual sense mark on it.

He could tell from the aura surrounding the mark that it was left by Ronald.

Austin repeated the steps--He erased the previous mark and planted his own on it. And the umbrella became solely his property.

The umbrella was called the Violet Royal Umbrella. It was a high-grade divine weapon, and a defensive one, which was mainly used as a shield most of the time.

It was a weapon of the highest grade among all of Austin's divine weapons so far.

Naturally, Austin was very happy to have it with him. "Fantastic! Thank you, Ronald!"

He exclaimed with joy while putting the umbrella back in his Space Ring. Then, he turned his attention to Ronald's Space Ring.

The Song Clan was a prominent one in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. Thus, Austin was looking forward to finding some amazing and unmatchable stuffs in Ronald Song's collection.

He couldn't wait to g

Austin exclaimed on seeing them. The moment he saw Marwell and Michelle, he could feel the increase in the levels of the vital energy they released.

"You got to know it! It is all thanks to the valuable cultivation resources you had given us, Austin.

We might as well let you down if we make no progress using those treasures,"

Marwell replied, chortling. In fact, he had just made a big breakthrough, and that was why he was so cheerful.

It was quite understandable, given that he had been stuck at the premium stage of Sky Realm for over ten years!

However hard he had tried, the Imperial Realm just seemed out of reach for him. But that was only until recently.

The misfortunes that came one after another to his family had lately made him suffer. But at the same time, they had also stimulated and motivated him.

With the help of the big amount of cultivation resources from Austin, a long-awaited breakthrough finally had happened to him.

Once he reached the Imperial Realm, everything had changed. His opinions on things, his way of treating others and doing things had all changed for the better. For him, it was really something worth celebrating.

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