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   Chapter 851 The Space-controlling Palm And The Sky-cracking Finger (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6260

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In the middle of the street, Austin sat cross-legged. He took his position in front of his purplish-brown herbal pot.

Steadying his breath, he started to prepare himself for the pill refining process.

Meanwhile, Violet and the gnome also found a place in a nearby street for themselves. They selected the place where they would sit in meditation and cultivation during the time Austin was focusing on the refining process.

After taking a deep breath, Austin raised his right hand and turned it over. Then he pressed his palm on the mouth of the pot.

A bright flame containing the essence of the Scorching Evil Fire sprang out from the middle of his palm and fell into the pot.

The herbal pot was lit up by the raging flame at once. And the temperature inside the herbal pot rose quickly.

The first thing on Austin's list was to work on a kind of level five elixir which was called the Soul-consolidating Elixir.

It was specially made for enhancing the spiritual sense, and was known for its unmatchable effect.

Austin had got the formula of this elixir from the formula collections Angus had given him. Among all of them, Austin was most interested in that one, as he thought that consolidating his spiritual sense should be his priority.

To make sure he could get enough Soul-consolidating Elixirs, he had brought materials which were required for making more than ten of this kind of elixir. Now, everything was in place.

Austin opened the formula in his Soul Sea and reviewed it. He was going through the steps and remembering some key points before finally beginning the process.

When all seemed settled, he tossed the first material in the pot with a wave of his hand.

Austin spent the rest of the day burying himself in the pill refining work.

With the help of the Scorching Evil Fire--a kind of unearthly fire--he was able to speed

As expected, once his spiritual sense had been marked on that object, information about it instantly appeared in his Soul Sea.

It was called the Energy-exploding Bead. And just as its name implied, it could produce explosive shock waves of vital energy, which could be as strong as a strike from a Master Realm master at the premium stage when he struck with all of his might.

Austin was delighted to know this. He was joyous that he had obtained a very powerful weapon.

But then, another piece of information about the Bead was revealed.

It informed Austin that the Energy-exploding Bead could only be activated ten times. This meant that it was usable for a limited times only.

Once the upper limit was reached, this bead would run out of its energy and one would not be able to activate it again.

Austin was a bit disappointed on knowing this. He was glad to own such a powerful weapon but its limited use restricted its potential.

But then he thought that something is better than nothing.

Austin thought that if he used it properly, it might help to deliver a surprise blow on the enemy and seal the victory. He was sure that not many people would be able to resist a sudden, full attack from a Master Realm cultivator.

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