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   Chapter 850 The Mermaids

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Seeing four maidservants kneel before him, Austin couldn't bear to lift his Lightning Sword.

The more he encountered ruthless opponents, the more he could get brutal too. However, in that situation, he seemed to be softening like a kitten's fur.

Austin kept staring at those four delicate and charming maidservants. Finally the murderous intentions gradually faded away after he hesitated for a while.

He then put away the Lightning Sword in his Space Ring.

The maidservants suddenly heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Austin's action.

"Where are you from?" Austin asked.

"We come from the deep ocean in the Middle World Waters," one of the maidservants hurriedly answered.

They were still quite obviously frightened.


The deep ocean in the Middle World Waters?"

Austin gazed at them blankly for a moment. Their hometown was exactly his destination.

In all honesty, he didn't expect it to be at the bottom of the sea in the Middle World Waters.

"You said you are not our kind. What does that mean? You're not human beings?" Austin asked, puzzled.

Their eyes were dreamy blue, quite distinct from the others.

But apart from their eyes, they shared the same characteristic with ordinary human beings.

Austin felt dubious as a sense of queerness enveloped the maidens.

"Young hero, to tell you the truth, we are actually mermaids."

That maidservant quickly responded, knowing that their lives were at the mercy of Austin.

She dared not to conceal anything; otherwise, they'd be in fatal danger.

"Mermaids?" Austin curiously asked in great surprise.

The image of a beauty with a long tail and damp hair crept into his mind.

'Does this kind of creature really exist?' Austin pondered.

"Young hero, I will show you my natural body."

Seeing how Austin was full of apprehension, that maidservant thought he didn't believe her words.

Her exquisite and delicate body did a somersault in the air, and a ring of queer blue light radiated.

The lower part of her body turned into an exquisite fishtail.

Her torso, up to her head, constituted a charming beauty. Yet everything else down was a long fishtail filled with scales.

Austin couldn't move for a second. He was still grasping the reality at the moment.

With his spiritual sense, he knew the strange body of the mermaid was real instead of some kind of an illusion.

No form of illusion can deceive Austin's spiritual sense.

It seemed the maidservant was telling the truth after all.

After a moment, that maidservant did another somersault and turned her body back to that of a human's.

"Arise first," A


I will bring you back once we have reached the Middle World Waters,"

Austin gave them a brief explanation before he teleported them into his City. . .

After a while, Austin descended to the ground and watched the corpse of Ronald.

With a strand of vital energy force, Austin sucked Ronald's Space Ring and put it away.

Then, he raised his hand, and a pale golden flame fell on Ronald's corpse.

In an instant, the flame flared up and burnt Ronald's corpse to ashes.

He made sure that no evidence of killing would remain on that part of the forest or else, he would be in great trouble soon enough.

After cleaning up the scene, Austin touched on the ground and soared up to the capital.

Fifteen minutes later, he had returned to the capital.

He found a tavern on a remote street and checked in.

He decided to stay for five days and rest to regenerate his energy. After that, he would be bound for the Middle World Waters.

Austin decided to refine a batch of elixirs for preparation.

At the same time, he needed to cultivate and improve his strength.

More notably, he had to practice the Golden Sun Scripture, which had nine levels available.

And among those nine levels, he had just reached the first one.

Austin directly teleported himself into the City right after entering his chamber.

The City then turned into a grain of sand that landed in the corner of the room he booked.

Once entirely teleported, Austin appeared on a street in the City.

He waved his hand, and a big pile of elixirs landed beside him.

Subsequently, he took out the purple-brown herbal pot and placed it before him.

After making sure that everything was settled and prepared, Austin began the elixir refining process.

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