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   Chapter 847 Young Hero, Please Don't Kill Us (Part One)

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At that moment, the three servants continuously attacked the Flaming Swordplay Array flying around Austin's body.

But after Austin smashed Lewis into pieces with only one punch, they hurriedly turned around and fled in panic.

Austin waved his Lightning Sword, and three lightning sword auras chased them.

The servants screamed in fear as they saw the sword auras coming their way.

With three sounds of explosion, their bodies were split into two parts as soon as the sword auras hit them. Their sliced flesh flew in the air and eventually fell down to the ground.

Austin scanned the field and found Lewis' Space Ring.

With a simple wave of the long sword, he picked up the Space Ring and held it in his hand.

A round and colorful jewelry ball––about the size of a fist––also laid on the ground, not far from where he stood.

It was the magic treasure, which just a while ago, Lewis wanted to take out when he was in a grave situation.

Austin sent out a gentle vital energy force to stuff the colorful jewel ball into his Space Ring.

As he kicked the ground with both his feet, Austin flew in the air to chase after Ronald.

Austin sensed that Ronald was already about six kilometers away.

"You follow me. I'm going to stop him first."

The voice of the gnome suddenly appeared in Austin's Soul Sea.

Then, the gnome merged into the space beside him, and his whole body disappeared.

His incredible teleportation ability had made him much faster than Austin's bodily movement skill.

Austin was reassured at the gnome's words; he was not worried that something terrible might happen to the gnome.

Although Ronald was at the premium stage of Imperial Realm, the gnome's power was also equivalent to that cultivation base––it was undoubtedly a match for Ronald.

Confident with the situation, Austin began to activate the Thunderbolt Movement

ashing of a few remnant figures, Austin appeared before Ronald.

He turned around slowly and stared at the panicked-stricken man with callous eyes.

"It's you!

What happened to Lewis and my other people? What did you do to them?"

Ronald exclaimed in fury as he noticed that Austin had appeared in front of him.

'Why is this boy here? Why didn't Lewis and the others stop him? Wait! Are they...' If Ronald was panicking just before Austin appeared, well, he was almost losing it now thinking that his guards had all been killed.

"Oh, they have been sent to hell by me. Now, you are going to accompany them!"

Austin scoffed and threw his most dangerous look filled with mockery at him.

"There's no way you could have killed them all! You have no such strength!"

Ronald spat, trying to sound brave, although deep down, he couldn't believe it.

When he remembered that Austin killed three Imperial Realm cultivators with just one wave of his sword, he had a vague feeling that what Austin said might be true.

"You can't kill me!

If you kill me, the Song Clan will certainly not spare your life!"

At this moment, the strong facade in Ronald's eyes totally faded, and now that was left were a mixture of fear, dread, and hysteria.

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