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   Chapter 847 Run For Your Life, Master Ronald! (Part Three)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5989

Updated: 2019-09-05 00:32

Lewis wanted to use them as baits to distract Austin and his mysterious help hand.

Austin's merciless slaughter of the three Imperial Realm warriors had struck terror into the three servants' hearts, however. And now, they were trembling with fear, unable to move.

But compared with Austin, they were more afraid of Lewis, their constant brutal torturer. So after taking a deep breath, each of them braced themselves and launched their weak vital energies towards Austin.

From his spirit, Austin had three long vital energy sword materialize, flying around him in circles.

Shortly, a shield of sword aura formed.

Thousands upon thousands of sword aura as sharp as blade were emitted by the shield. It was a defense as well as an offense.

Then, moments later hundreds and hundreds of light golden fire balls as large as a man's fist emerged from behind the shield. The flames raged, impatiently waiting to launch at their targets.

It was the legendary Flaming Swordplay Array!

The sword aura shield was in fact made of the three flying swords, like how the three blades of a mechanical fan would whirl and form a whole. The shield lingered in the air and blocked all the attacks from the three highly intimidated servants.

They were dawdling over their task anyway.

"Run, Master Ronald, run for your life! This man is too powerful! I can't hold him back forever!" shouted Lewis to Ronald.

Lewis never imagined that someone like Austin would have such high combat effectiveness. He was beginning to feel terrified, and he was starting to plan for the worst.

Ronald, on the other hand, was completely stunned by Austin's remarkable fighting skills as they appeared one after the other.

His men were all successfully killed by Austin.

Austin had the upper han

Austin then released his seven hundred thousand tons of strength.

Austin fought off Lewis' vital energy force wall!

"What!" Lewis cried out in surprise.

He couldn't believe how fierce and powerful Austin was!

Slowly, he felt like he was being crushed. His life flashed before his eyes like a montage. 'Near death experience was new to me, ' thought Lewis. 'Somehow, I think that giving up is not bad.'

For a moment, Lewis even felt gratitude that it was a true master who ended him. "He is not a medium stage of Imperial Realm. He is far better than he appears," Lewis murmured to himself, smiling.

Lewis awaited his destiny in peace.

Then Austin broke the vital energy force wall between him and Lewis.

Lewis came back to his senses and began to panic. 'I don't want to die!' he thought, struggling. It was too late, though.

Lewis drew out another powerful weapon hurriedly, but before he could activate it, Austin's fist was already in his face.

The overwhelmingly powerful fist was the last thing Lewis saw.


Lewis cried in despair. It was his last word.

Then Lewis exploded. His parts scattered all over the place, his blood soaked the earth.

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