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   Chapter 845 Run For Your Life, Master Ronald! (Part Two)

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But now, he was being unceremoniously attacked and put to unbelievable shame by Austin. This new experience was by no means good.

"Stupid trust fund baby. Oh right, you don't know what trust fund is, do you? Let me teach you something. When you try to kill someone, that man will naturally come after you. It's called revenge. Do you understand how human brains work now? Oh right, you can't understand, because unfortunately don't have one!" mocked Austin, as he started to laugh hysterically.

Ronald could sense that Austin was harboring murderous intentions.

Austin's logic was simple and clear: since he had already killed one man from the Song Clan, Sterling, he wouldn't let anyone slip through his net who might divulge his secret.

What was the difference between killing Sterling and Ronald? Nothing, as long as he removed all the hidden danger of that the future held.

"How dare you! How dare you! You will regret everything you've done!" shouted Ronald, tears already forming in his eyes.

"Lewis, go and get him! I want him dead! I will skin him alive and make his ugly skin into shoes!"

he shrieked even more.

Austin smirked in contempt.

Despite all the damage he has caused Ronald's camp, he wouldn't make a stupid mistake like taking an enemy like Lewis for granted. An experienced Master Realm warrior should never be belittled. As per Ronald's command, Lewis released his vital energy force, aiming it at Austin.

"Hey, boy. A medium stage of Imperial Realm warrior like you was able to kill Sterling. I got to admit I am impressed. I made a mistake by taking you as one of the inferior ones."

Unlike good-for-nothings such as Ronald, masters like Lewis was able to tell that Austin's vital energy cultivation base was indeed at the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

"But Master Ronald was right. There is no way an Imperial Realm could defeat a Master Realm warri

Then, his twenty spiritual sense long spears launched a full frontal attack on Lewis. He was determined to finish this early.

That was not all, however -- somewhere from behind Lewis' back, the space creased. Gnome peeped through the crack curiously and crept out of the space hole quietly.

With him there, condensed beast soul energy claws also carried out a full-on invasion into Lewis' Soul Sea.

Having fought side by side for so many times, the gnome was able to provide Austin full cooperation to make sure he succeeded.

He was even able to launch attack on his own will even without Austin's instruction.

"What have you done? What have you done to my Soul Sea? No, no, I can't believe it. It's impossible! Your spiritual sense, your spiritual sense can't be that powerful!" screamed Lewis out of sheer pain as he started to realize what was happening.

Meanwhile, in his Soul Sea, Lewis' spiritual souls fled in panicked helter-skelter.

"Help! Help me! You three! Attack him now! Now!" shouted Lewis. He was shaking and completely scared -- a state that no one had seen him in forever!

The three remaining servants in the area were the victims of Lewis' abuse of power, and so they would obey Lewis unconditionally even if it would mean death.

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