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   Chapter 845 Run For Your Life, Master Ronald! (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7647

Updated: 2019-09-05 00:12

"Do you really think that you are certainly going to win?"

asked Austin. His tone was filled with biting ridicule as he stared at Ronald, the Song Clan's second younger master.

The young man only had cultivation base at the premium stage of Imperial Realm. But despite that, he was extremely puffed up with pride and arrogance. It seemed that he often bullied people while solely relying on his powerful connections.

For reasons known to all, the Four Clans and the Five Sects were notorious underworld figures.

They were unmatched in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"What are you talking about?

You goddamned idiot! What high-flown sentiments! Who do you think you are? Do me a favor and don't make me laugh!

You are only at the medium stage of Imperial Realm, so don't you ever again speak to me in that tone," Ronald shrieked, completely furious at Austin's guts.

"Let me tell you something, moron. I will win and you will lose, that's for sure. Offer no resistance and I might consider let you die without pain!

And do remember something before they bury you," he continued, a sly smile appearing on his lips.

"Rich and powerful people like me have far more advantages than you could ever imagine. It is dangerous for a nobody like your sorry self to provoke people like me in the big league. Never do it again if you are ever lucky enough to be reincarnated as a human," he mockingly finished.

Austin couldn't help but marvel at how Ronald was laughably foolish. For him, the guy's ignorance was pitiful. 'He really thinks that I am the young and fearless one between the two of us, but he couldn't be more wrong, ' he thought as he let out a tiny chuckle. Well, Ronald was totally wrong about Austin and his capabilities. 'A damned snob this Ronald guy is. I will make him pay a heavy price.'

"You know what? Never mind," Ronald suddenly said, still not finished with his juvenile rant. "Why am I wasting my time on someone like you? You make me sick, young bastard.

Guards, what are you waiting for? I want this little bastard dead! Go get him!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, as he pointed at Austin.

With one simple gesture, his servants who doubled as his bodyguards rushed towards Austin. They quickly formed a circle and surround

of Imperial Realm.

There was no way that an Imperial Realm warrior could have done that, so Austin must be a Master Realm capable expert.

"Master Ronald, he killed Sterling!"

The Master Realm warrior who was beside Ronald emphasized repeatedly.

"Lewis, what are you talking about?

Do you mean... do you mean that Sterling is dead now?"

Upon hearing this, Ronald's eyes widened. He turned to the Master Realm warrior, Lewis, in shock. The Master Realm cultivator Sterling was dead! As he was a notable warrior, it was really hard to accept.

"Yes. Master Ronald, look! Sterling's dead body is over there!"

Lewis and Sterling had worked as a team for years. Their main responsibility was to ensure that Ronald would be safe and that no one would be able to harm him. Aside from that, the two had also been inseparable friends. Because of that, Lewis knew Sterling inside and out.

Despite flesh being strewn about and covered in mud, he was able to identify Sterling solely by the fragments of his outfit and the color of his hair.

"Oh shit!

You bastard, how dare you! You son of a bitch killed Sterling! You really had the audacity to mess with the Song Clan! You are so dead!" cursed Ronald.

The roar of rage he let out was not only for poor Sterling, but also for his pitiful self.

Throughout his life, people had always made concessions towards him only because he was the second younger master of the famous Song Clan. He really enjoyed resting on the laurels of the older generations.

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