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   Chapter 844 Slay A Cultivator At The Medium Stage Of Master Realm

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"Just save it. I'm not interested in them anyway," Austin responded coldly.

Since he had gotten what he wanted—the Lightning Sword, he didn't want to waste any more time there.

Cupping his hands, Austin bid farewell to the shopkeeper and walked out of the store.

Austin's response left Ronald stunned. As he snapped out of his daze, the vindictive look appeared in his eyes.

"Stupid poor thing. You're dead!"

Ronald murmured viciously, winking at Sterling who was standing beside him.

Understanding what he meant, Sterling immediately left the store to follow Austin.

Upon seeing that, the shopkeeper heaved a sigh.

Had Austin stayed in the store, he could have protected him to safety. But since he had stepped out of his shop, he couldn't do anything about it anymore.

There was a rule in the store: the staff must not get involved in the personal matters of their customers outside the shops.

The shopkeeper was very aware of that one, so he just let the situation slide, no matter how grave he knew it was.

.. .

After Austin took his leave, he unleashed his spiritual sense to check what was going on back at the shop.

He sensed Ronald's actions and heard his words.

He also knew that Sterling, who was at the medium stage of Master Realm, was tailing after him.

In fact, even before he left the store, Austin had already guessed that Ronald wouldn't let him go that easily.

Anger soared in his heart as he realized that he had done nothing wrong, and the situation was unfair.

He never unjustly provoked others.

But if others messed with him, he would make them pay a heavy price.

'Sterling is just a cultivator at the medium stage of Master Realm, ' he thought in contempt.

After a while, Austin settled with a decision.

'You want to take my life? Let's wait and see who is gonna get killed, ' he snorted inwardly.

Austin headed straight towards the gates of the city.

Half a day later, he left the city.

He leaped and flew towards a mountain on its outskirts.

On the mountain range, a remote forest rested. Austin decided to settle deep in the woods.

Sterling had been tracking Austin since the latter had gotten out of the Thousand Weapons Pavilion.

He looked around and saw no sign of anyone except for his target in the forest. Upon thinking it was an excellent chance to take down the young lad, he menacingly got excited.

"Brat, stop!"

Using his bodily movement skill, Sterling stood in front of Austin in a flash and blocked his path.

"You were being so perky just because the shopkeeper had your back, huh?

Well, now that he's not here, you're going to answer to it," Sterling boasted.


so many spiritual sense attacks.

That caused him to panic immediately.

The next second, he summoned his spiritual sense to guard his spiritual soul against the incoming attacks.

Austin then waved his Lightning Sword, and sword auras with thunderbolts hit Sterling's body.

Since his soul was restricted, Sterling had to release all his vital energy force to form a shield around him.


The sword aura with the power of thunder and lightning destroyed the shield instantly.

Seconds later, dazzling lights flooded Sterling.

"What?! Nooooo!"

Sterling let out a frantic scream.

However, Austin was not affected by the desperate call.


Sterling's body was cut into pieces by the sword auras.

The smell of blood filled the air, and the torn body parts fell to the ground.

Austin grabbed the falling Space Ring and put it aside.

He decided to take a look at it later on. For now, there was a much more critical matter he needed to attend to.

As Austin turned around and looked up at the sky, a dozen people came into his view.

Since he was confident with the incoming combat, a wicked smile registered on his face.

Ronald came rushing, leading the group behind him.

"Brat, here you are," he uttered arrogantly.

Ronald gushed at the sight of Austin, who was standing on the ground.

With a wave of his hand, his crew flew towards Austin.

"Rest assured, brat. I will not kill you right away. First, I will torture you to my heart's content," Ronald said in a resentful, vicious tone.

He was the first one to land on the ground and stood before Austin.

A cultivator at the medium stage of Master Realm followed and stood next to Ronald.

Then, the remaining servants and four scantily dressed maids followed and joined them.

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