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   Chapter 843 Men From The Song Clan (Part Two)

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With a resounding thud, the vital energy force hit hard on Austin.

Austin was sitting on the desk when the blow struck him.

As for him, the blow was nothing but a small push. Yet, for the chair he was sitting in, the blast was too much for it to sustain, and within a second, it was broken into a thousand pieces.

Left with no choice, Austin finally stood up.

Thinking of the group's intention of bullying him and trying to take over the sword he had chosen, Austin gradually felt provoked and enraged.

The damage to the shop facility irked the shopkeeper as well. Realizing the imminent fight between Sterling and Austin, he stood up.

"Stop it!" came his high and irritated voice, stopping them just in time.

"Stop this instance, all of you! I don't care who you are, or where you come from. If you want to cause trouble in my Thousand Weapons Pavilion and get me embarrassed, then don't blame me if I teach you a hard lesson about who you should never have messed with!"

After saying that, the shopkeeper instantly released his vital energy force and took a fighting stance. Much to Austin's astonishment, the man was at the premium stage of Master Realm.

Now that the handsome man and his men had known the shopkeeper had the highest cultivation base among everyone in the room, they began to recoil and retreat from their original plan of bullying him and Austin.

Even the two bodyguards that stood next to the handsome man, as they were at the medium stage of Master Realm, which was one stage below the shopkeeper's premium stage, began to show a sign of fear on their faces.

Having instructed by his master, Sterling had no choice but to press himself to fight for the sword. At that point, his vindictive and defiant look had long vanished, replaced by a slave-like reverence and subservience.

Sterling bowed his head and folded his hands together as he walked towards the shopkeeper. He coughed once and then started his plea.

"I apologize for my discourteous behavior just now. We are from the Song Clan. I think you have heard of us. And, this is young master Ronald, the second heir of our clan.

He is also engaged to the daughter of the Hussar


Ronald did not dare to speak at once. Considering that none of his men were at par with the storekeeper in strength, he hesitated if he would stick to his stubbornness.

A few moments later, the tension on his face alleviated and was replaced by a sly, cunning smile.

"Well then, if you insist, I won't press on you any longer," he said, smiling slyly at the storekeeper.

He then averted his eyes, facing Austin and saying, "Young man, how about having a deal with me?

If I saw it right, you have appreciations for the beauty of my four maidservants. I won't blame you for that. After all, you are a young man with passion and energy. Look at how beautiful and extraordinary they are! In terms of sex, they are at least ten times better and proficient than ordinary girls.

I guess you are only around twenty years old, which is just the age when you crave for sex and the need to release pressure from the constant hard cultivation.

I think as compared to the sword, a maidservant who can make you cozy and warm your bed is what you really need.

So, I want to offer you one of my girls in exchange for the sword.

And in addition to that, I will also replenish the 150, 000 superior vital energy crystals that you just spent.

In that case, you not only get back your crystals but also earn such an exotic, sexy maidservant without breaking a sweat. You really got blessed today, man," he suggested with a cunning grin on his face.

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