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   Chapter 841 Men From The Song Clan (Part One)

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The sword had a veritable name of Lightning Sword, which exactly matched its unique and prominent features.

With fascination, Austin fondled over its blade. Instantly, he felt a torrent of electric current surged through his veins and vibrated on his nerves, giving him an indescribable feeling of vigor and vitality. Suddenly, a smile flashed across his face, ecstatic to have found such a powerful weapon that carried sufficient spiritual energy.

The middle-aged shopkeeper continued to market his sword to Austin. "This Lightning Sword is said to have been cast out of more than ten kinds of rare materials with electrical properties. Did you feel the weight of it? It is really light, yet also harsh and sharp.

You can easily pierce through anything with it. When appropriately used, the sword will produce a lot of electric snakes forming into a Lightning Illusion Array and distract your opponents. It will make it hard for them to concentrate on the fight.

Plus, can you see the patterns engravings on the sword's body? When you activate your sword skill, the engravings will produce an effect and boost up the speed of your attacks," the man enthusiastically said.

He observed Austin's intrigued face as he spoke, knowing that he had already had him hooked to his bait.


Do you mean that this Lightning Sword not only can produce Lightning Illusion Array to hallucinate people but also expedite my sword-wielding speed?

This seems exactly what I need at the moment," Austin cried with excitement.

He was the kind of person who would act immediately once his heart was settled.

"Ok then, I will take this Lightning Sword," he concluded.

Holding the Lightning Sword in his hand, his mind was utterly blown away just by imagining how formidable his strength would be once he started using it.

"Ha-ha, you are indeed a discerning young man," the shop owner cried, rousing him from his thought.

"This Lightning Sword is a medium-grade divine weapon.

Considering its powerful and significant effect, I cannot give you any discount. The total is 150, 000 superior vital energy crystals," he continued, knowing that there was way Austin could refrain himself from buying it.

Austin was taken aback upon the hearing the price. It was a price that would consume a large amount of the vital energy crystals he had stored so far.

our dirty hand off that sword. You don't want to snatch it away from my master!" he threatened harshly.

As he spoke, his hideous, vicious eyes twinkled dangerously at Austin.

Apparently, seeing Austin all alone with no company boosted the man's disdainful and menacing behavior.

He had not expected that Austin was not one to cower when faced with maltreatment.

"Oh, really?

What a pity for you! I have already bought this sword. You need to look for something else," Austin countered. His voice was resolute and decisive.

Undeterred, he gripped the hilt of the sword even tighter.

Then, with his other hand, he took out his Space Ring.

He turned it over in front of the Thousand Weapons Pavilion shopkeeper.

The Space Ring swelled at first and then spat out a big pile of superior vital energy crystals on the counter table. . .

"Son of a bitch! You want to die?" the man named Sterling barked, his voice trembling with rage.

Not in his memory had he seen anyone who would dare to offend his master, for everyone knew it what kind of tragic ending would fall upon him.

Being humiliated, Sterling instantly felt his anger and resentment boiled to the extreme. The raging fury in his heart suddenly activated his vital energy force.

Like a furious awaken beast, the vital energy force rushed out of his body and charged straight towards Austin.

Austin did not budge and waited for the blow to arrive. He was more than sure that his current body strength was powerful enough to withstand the blow of the vital energy force the man had sent at him.

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