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   Chapter 841 The Lightning Sword

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Even after Austin sat down, Laird kept glaring at him viciously from time to time.

Laird was considered as a very good martial artist of the Master Realm, but despite that, he was beaten by Austin, a martial artist at the medium stage of Imperial Realm! That made him feel so ashamed and indignant.

Other martial artists who were waiting in the resting area all saw what just happened, and they also felt incredibly shocked.

Not even once during the fight between the two warriors

did Laird have the upper hand. Hell -- he even gave up the chance to continue provoking Austin! Not one soul in that area ever thought that this would happen.

Imagine -- martial artist, who was only at the medium stage of Imperial Realm, was able to make Laird, a warrior at the Master Realm who always had a short temper and was good at holding a grudge, back up and give up the fight! It surely meant something, not only to the two people who fought each other, but also to everyone who had witnessed their fight.

The ones who were so eager to see Austin lose to Laird now could only look down, or intensely glare at Austin.

Despite all eyes being on him, Austin acted like nothing had happened, silently sitting on his seat and drinking the tea.

He even had the time to pick up a spiritual fruit from the long table in front of him and eat it from time to time.

Well, after an intense battle, no one could blame him -- the spiritual tea and the spiritual fruit served were of very good quality, and all tasted incredibly nice.

Dozens of good-looking girls with fit bodies dressed in sexy robes would come up to him to pour tea into his cup and add more spiritual fruit at the table every now and again.

To be very honest, a large part of the martial artists who joined this recruitment were independent cultivators who were rude and crude.

As the sexy girls walked in front of them, they all looked at their chests and legs with hungry and lustful eyes. They didn't even try to hide how vulgar they were!

Some even whistled to the ladies in a way bordering on harassment.

A soldier would constantly bring a new martial artist to the resting area.

With that, the area soon enough became populated by numerous martial artists. . .

After about eight hours, recruitment through the battle ring finally ended.

The two officers who were running the recruitment, one of which looked like a civil official while the other looked like a general, walked into the resting area with the rest of the soldiers.

"Congratulations, everyone! You have successfully joined this royal task.

We can tell that you all are very good cultivators from the fights that just happened.

The royal family needs people like you to help us get through to this challenge."

The civil official's words inspired and encouraged everyone in the area. The martial artists all felt sudden pride and started getting excited for the journey.

Then, the general also gave a short but inspiring speech.

He praised the martial artists who successfully got through the recruitment stage, and earnestly asked them to put in more effort in finishing the future task.

After that, he gave every martial artist fifty sup

divine weapon,"

Austin answered.

"I see.

But you have to know, young man, a divine weapon is expensive.

The divine weapons in my store are all of very good quality. Because of that, they are even more expensive than the divine weapons you would see in other places,"

the man replied, a mysterious glint in his eyes.

"You don't need to worry about that," Austin assured the man, his smile widening. "Money is not a problem here.

I don't care about the price as long as the sword is suitable."

Intelligent as he was, of course he knew what the seller was trying to say.

"Oh, that's good to know," the man replied back, looking visibly relieved. "Please wait here for a short moment. I will go bring a few swords so you can take your pick."

And with that, the man led Austin to a table, where he asked him to sit and wait.

'Who wouldn't like the chance to earn more money?' the man thought to himself.

The seller also asked a shop assistant to bring Austin some good spiritual tea.

After that, he vanished into his shop's backroom, leaving Austin alone.

After a short moment, he reappeared with a very big plate in his hands.

Carefully, he put the plate on the table in front of Austin.

On the plate, there were five shining long swords with strong spiritual energy.

With just a glance, Austin immediately knew that they were all divine weapons.

Taking a deep breath, he carefully inspected the five swords presented to him meticulously.

Then, suddenly, something caught his eyes. His gaze was then drawn by one of them.

The sword was silvery white all over. Its tip was a little bit wider than its body, and there were some intricate ancient symbols engraved on it. Looking at it more closely, Austin found that they seemed to be the symbols of lightning.

"What is this sword's name?"

Austin asked, as he held the long sword in his hand. He couldn't help but feel that this was the weapon he was looking for as it felt so right and so comfortable in his hand.

"Young man, you are good at picking weapons! This is the Lightning Sword, and it's a middle-grade divine weapon!"

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