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   Chapter 840 Laird

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"Go wait in line.

Later on, you'll be required to perform your best martial arts skill in front of the general. You'll be able to join the mission if you get his approval,"

the junior captain said and handed Austin a number card with the number 120 written on it.

Austin then walked towards the side of the battle ring and stood in line.

Many warriors were enticed to register for the recruitment because the royal household offered a handsome reward.

Most of the ones who took an interest were independent cultivators.

The reward was a chance to join the royal household and became a member of the royal forces.

As a prosperous and strong nation, the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom was no weaker than all the five major sects combined.

Being a permanent member of the royal forces and earning royal stipends in their lifetime greatly attracted independent cultivators.

Therefore, a long line of participants were queued on both sides of the battle ring, all hoping to get approved. . .

"Number 120! It's your turn!" a soldier in the battle ring shouted out.

Austin moved out of the queue and leaped onto the battle ring.

"Young man, your name is Meade, correct?

Kindly perform the martial arts skill you are best at please,"

the civil official affably urged.

After giving it a brief thought, Austin drew out his long sword and used his vital energy force to display his level five sword potential.

Numerous sword auras violently rushed out.

Without exerting much of an effort, Austin unsheathed the long sword, its aura soaring up to the sky. It stunned everyone present.

"A level five sword potential!"

the warriors below the battle ring silently exclaimed.

Sword potential was a level higher than sword intent.

It was fairly common in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom to find warriors who had reached a level ten sword intent.

However, only a relatively small number of warriors had been able to reach sword potential

and anyone who had reached a level five sword potential was considered a master swordsman.

With a wave of his sword, a sharp sword light flashed and shot up towards the sky at supersonic speed, cutting into the space above the battle ring.

The dazzling remains of the sword-light lingered in the air for a long period before it vanished; vaguely reminiscent of a just concluded musical performance where the faint echoes of music lingered in the air.

"Well one, young man! Wh

the golden spear.

Laird felt as if his spear was struck by lightning. Streaks of electricity trickled onto his hand and wandered to his body.

Struck dumb with astonishment, he hastily took a couple of steps backwards.

'It's impossible!

How could a warrior at the medium stage of Imperial Realm be able to produce such a powerful sword aura?' he thought.

He was able to sense that the sword light from the juvenile in front of him had reached level three sword potential

'And his martial arts skill is no lower than mine.

Furthermore, the thunderbolt power faintly incorporated in that sword light was immensely powerful.'


Laird fell out of his daze and finally uttered.

He then took a scrutinizing look at Austin and decided to cease his attacks at the boy.

Austin's strength was obvious to all;

he was only at the Imperial Realm, but his attack was no weaker than Laird's.

Even though Laird was a hot-tempered and narrow-minded man, he had enough wits about him to know that it would not do him any good to fight in a life-or-death battle before he got a clear picture of his opponent's full strength.

Although there were still hints of tension in the air, things eventually started to calm down. Austin put away his long sword and calmly sat down at the table, picked up a cup of tea and sipped as if the whole confrontation never happened.

'Laird was just an ordinary warrior at the preliminary stage of Master Realm. Level three spear potential was all he was good at, ' he concluded.

He was confident that he would be able to kill Laird if it really did come to a life-or-death battle.

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