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   Chapter 839 The Middle World Waters

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After cultivating for twelve days, Austin was finally able to cultivate his Swift Thunder Swordsmanship to its Minor Achievement Stage.

At the same time, his understanding of the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship had also reached a new level.

As one saying went, "the greatest truths are the simplest." The Swift Thunder Swordsmanship focused on two points: speed and strength.

It required a warrior to use the thunder intent to urge and launch a thunderbolt sword aura attack.

The moving speed of a thunderbolt sword aura could be twenty times faster than the speed of sound if the warrior was at the Minor Achievement Stage;

fifty times faster if the warrior was at the Major Achievement Stage, and one hundred times faster if the warrior was at Perfect Achievement Stage.

The strength of the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship was based on three important points.

The first point: speed. A faster speed would give it more strength.

The second point: understanding of the thunderbolt intent. A deeper understanding of it would make it stronger.

The last point: personal strength. A stronger personal strength would produce more hacking force.

This was Austin's temporary understanding of the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship.

In the days after that, Austin practiced the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship every time he encountered thunderstorm.

He also started spending a great amount of time on cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture. . .

One day, while journeying, Austin came upon a flat and open land that had a considerable amount of people.

It turned out that he had just come upon the boundary of the capital of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

As one of the three Holy Kingdoms in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World, the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom was a nation that enjoyed immense power, influence, and prosperity.

In the hopes of broadening his horizon, Austin quickly headed for the area's capital.

To his surprise, a massive city started coming into view not long after he started towards the capital's direction.

The amazement in his eyes could not be hidden.

Being the capital of a Holy Kingdom, it was really a sprawling and unmatched city.

With a height of tens of thousands of meters, it was deep into the clouds, and a man on the ground would not be able to see the top of it.

The city wall's width was at least a few hundred meters, and no less than hundreds of thousands of soldiers patrolled around it, each with a seemingly powerful weapon in hand.

As Austin marveled at the structure in front of him,

ot the middle of the sea -- we are going to the regions in the vicinity of the coastal continent.

Secondly, you will be guided by Astral Realm masters.

We would also recruit several thousand warriors, so you won't particularly be alone.

Safety is not a concern for you, not even the slightest!"

he explained, as he thought that Austin was scared for his life.

"Beside, our emperor has announced that after returning from this mission, all of you will get a handsome reward.

And you will become a lifelong member of the royal forces of the Holy Kingdom!

You will have stipends from the royal court forever! Isn't that awesome?"

Hearing the junior captain's words of encouragement, Austin couldn't help but smile.

He certainly felt that the royal household was considering this mission of great importance them, or else, why would they recruit so many warriors and even give rewards after it was finished?

After hearing that the sea beasts in the Middle World Waters were indeed powerful, Austin became determined to go there and cultivate his skills.

As for the royal household's mission, he didn't care for that. It would not a big deal for him to abandon the mission and just cultivate alone in the waters.

But since the Middle World Waters was considerably far from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, he had to have the means to get there and get back.

He believed the royal household had a better way to travel there, and in a much shorter period of time!

And with that, Austin decided to follow the royal household's team until he got to the Middle World Waters.

It was a plan.

"I will register for the mission for the handsome reward!"

Austin lied convincingly.

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