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   Chapter 837 Minor Achievement Stage Of The Swift Thunder Swordsmanship

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Austin controlled the City with his mind. He had to transport himself out of the City as soon as possible.

With that in mind, the next moment, he found himself at the bottom of the river.

The river was moving and the underwater currents started flowing towards him with great energy.

Austin had to use his defensive tactics to protect himself. He exerted his vital energy force and formed a defense cover around his body. This cover would isolate his body from the water completely and would not be affected by the strong currents that were advancing towards him.

After setting up a defense cover, Austin made his spiritual sense spread out and rise up the river.

His spiritual sense made him aware of the presence of thirteen figures. These figures were about six kilometers away from where Austin was. And they were all guarding the river cautiously.

'It looks like they are not ready to give up until they chase me out or get hold of me, '

Austin said to himself, with a bitter smile.

A Master Realm cultivator could easily cover the distance of six kilometers by his spiritual sense, only if he had a spiritual sense force strong enough to outdo the rivals.

So, Austin hid himself at the base of the river and started moving in the opposite direction.

One day had passed staying low and he had moved about a dozen kilometers under the water.

Sensing that it was safer now, Austin raised his head out of the water and breathed the air heavily.

He pulled himself out of the water. Austin stood beside the river and looked back, his gaze turning sharp. He was not happy to retreat this way but he had no other option left.

'One day I will be back and I will be so strong that you will be the one trying to escape from me!' he vowed to himself. He had made up his mind to come back and teach these people the lesson of their life.

Taking a deep breath, Austin started his bodily movement skill and flew into the sky. Soon he had left the river far away. . .

Once he reached a safe place, Austin spent a few days pondering upon what would be his next step. He had been hesitating on the thought, whether he should return to the Sunset Mountain and practice the Beast Energy-extracting Skill.

He was aware that he could practice well there because inside the Sunset Mountain, there were innumerable demonic and diabolic beasts.

But the strongest ones were only at the tenth level and only at one incident he had witnessed a beast stronger than that.

The demonic and diabolic beasts, at the ninth or tenth level, were indeed the strongest ones present among the Sunset Mountain. They were the ones at the top of the food chain. However, they were lesser in number.

Demonic or diabolic beasts that were at lower levels were more in number in the Sunset Mountain. One could easily find beasts at level five, six or seven.

But these beasts that were at lower levels were useless for Austin's practice of the Energy-extracting Skill.

Austin only had the last two Magical Beast Elixirs and they were quite precious. If he used up the two Magical Beast Elixirs, there would be none left with him. He had to use them carefully and at an appropriate time.

Austin wanted to make full use of the last Magical Beast Elixirs!

Thinking a lot over these things, Austin came to a conclusion that it was not the best thing to return to the Sunset Mou

's sword and merged together with the thunder intent.

As it combined it seemed to rise up towards the black rumbling clouds in the sky.

Crack! Crack!

Dozens of bolts of lightning, thicker than the regular ones, were led down by Austin's sword forcefully.

Flowing along with the sword-light, the lightning was absorbed by Austin's sword. Instantly, the sword started giving off a much stronger light.

Austin went on wielding his sword tightly. He was moving as swiftly as a shooting star. He was glistening as if he was covered by a bright light.

The lightning passed through the sword and entered into Austin's body. It made Austin's body turn brighter and brighter. At that moment, he looked exactly like a god from heaven.

After a little while, the lightning moved away again from Austin's body. It was absorbed by the sword again.

Holding the sword by both hands, Austin lashed it out in the air. Following it a deafening sound was heard. It was extremely loud, as if thousands of troops were stomping on the ground in unison. Accompanying the great sound, there was the sword aura of the thunderstorm. It flew out in a split second and the ground began shaking furiously!

Suddenly, a gully appeared in a small hill below Austin's body. It was formed probably due to Austin's sword aura. It was one hundred meters wide and hundreds of meters deep. Though it was deep and dark inside the gully, dust and lightning could be seen and loud explosive sounds could still be heard.

In a few moments, the explosive sounds died out. It was only the lightning that was still cracking in the gully. Everything had been burnt and turned black inside the gully.

Austin stopped moving his sword and stood motionless in the sky. His long hair was fluttering in the wind and a sharp sword aura was radiating out from his body.

'Well, I think I have reached the Minor Achievement Stage of the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship!

It is unbelievable that the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship has such great power!

Now I have another trump card in my hold, when fighting against the enemies! I am sure no one would look down upon my power now!' He thought and felt proud of his achievement. The more people underestimated him, the more powerful he became.

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