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   Chapter 837 Reaching Level Five Sword Potential

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Austin felt as if his body was expanding indefinitely.

The flow of vital energy from the elixir essence in his body began to circulate, and it felt as if it was constantly widening his every energy meridian.

Under the drive of the Fire Stela, the Golden Sun Scripture was running automatically!

It was a new experience for Austin.

Feeling the changes in his body, Austin was a little shocked.

However, he vaguely guessed that the change in his body was due to the fact that the Fire Stela was refining the five dragons transformed by the essence of waste elixirs.

After an hour, Austin sensed a precursor to a breakthrough.

A moment later… Boom! Boom! Boom!

He had reached the medium stage of Imperial Realm!

Austin was overjoyed.

He hadn't expected that he would make a breakthrough again in such a short time.

But come to think of it, the breakthrough was bound to happen, and it was just a matter of when it would happen.

After all, the five dragons were the products of the essence of countless waste elixirs that had accumulated in the Abandoned Elixir Cellar for over hundreds of years.

They contained an amazing amount of energy, making it easy for Austin's cultivation base to rapidly improve from the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm to the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

After breaking through to the medium stage of Imperial Realm, Austin realized that the speed of the Golden Sun Scripture within his body had begun to slow down.

It gradually returned to its normal operating speed.

Austin knew that the breakthrough and vital energy upgrade could not be rushed and should not happen too fast.

Otherwise, his vital energy would become superficial and his foundation would be unstable.

So Austin decided to stop practicing.

At that moment, the Fire Stela had only extracted and purified less than one ten-thousandth of the five dragons' energy, and it had already raised him to a higher stage.

Austin, therefore, expected that he would be able to make rapid progress in cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture.


Austin started practicing his swordsmanship which had significantly improved.

His swordsmanship was at level four sword potential.

Once he was able to reach level five sword potential, he could practice the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship, the first set of three sets of swordsmanship in the statue of the Sword Emperor left by the Sword Emperor.

The swordsmanship left by a Sword Emperor was definitely extraordinary.

Before, when he was in the Violet Orchid Empire, Austin thought that the grade seven martial skill was remarkable and quite advanced.

However, after arriving at the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, he realized that it was not a novelty as he had earlier assumed. Many of the principle disciples in big sects had grade seven martial skills.

Of course, the martial skills practiced by the disciples at the same

rst understand the intent of lightning. According to the sword manual, it would be better to practice the swordsmanship when lightning struck.

That was to say, he had to practice sword while listening for thunder and watching lightning.

He would guide the lightning to the sword and refine the sword aura with the momentum of the lightning.

'This swordsmanship was made especially for me!'

Austin laughed in delight at the thought of the skills he possessed.

It might have been difficult for others to comprehend the lightning intent.

But for Austin, it was no longer a problem.

After getting the Thunder Elixir from the thunder unicorn, Austin had acquired the ability to use the force of thunder.

It was, therefore, no problem for him to grasp the lightning intent.

After reading the manual of the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship several times, Austin had mastered a general understanding of cultivating the swordsmanship by heart.

The central idea demonstrated in the manual was to understand the lightning intent and guide lightning into the sword, thereafter refine the sword aura and then begin to practice sword.

It was not clear in the manual what grade of the swordsmanship was at.

But Austin presumed it must be higher than grade seven.

Otherwise, a Sword Emperor would not cherish it so much so as to leave it in the statue and pass it down.

The City wasn't a good place to practice the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship, so Austin planned to practice it when he got out of the City. . . .

Austin put away the statue of the Sword Emperor and realized that he had been in the City for more than four days.

"What's going on out there now?" he muttered.

Austin clearly knew that the City would be carried downstream as it was the size of a grain of sand and it would sink to the bottom of the river.

But he decided to venture out and have a look.

After all, he couldn't hide in the City forever.

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