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   Chapter 835 The Importance Of Strength

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After leaving the headquarters of Magic Hand Sect, Austin activated his spiritual sense to check the current situation.

He saw that the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch from the Sky Sect, Xavier, Winnie and Isis were closely behind him.

Winnie and Isis were inside the beautiful sedan, activating it to move towards his direction.

Austin surmised that the sedan was some sort of flying magic treasure.

Upon seeing this, he realized that he was definitely in trouble.

On his own, he stood no chance in defeating thirteen powerful cultivators in a fight. He had to outrun them.

He activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill to help him move as fast as he could. There was a sizzling sound of thunder radiance as he advanced forward like a flash.

Since they were in the sky, the speed of the bodily movement skill one exerted depended on the vital energy cultivation base.

The Thunderbolt Movement Skill Austin exhibited was already quite fast. However, he was just at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm

while twelve of the thirteen cultivators who were pursuing him were at the Master Realm.

It was impossible for Austin to get rid of them because they were just too fast.

The distance between him and the thirteen warriors kept decreasing.

Noticing that his enemies were already close to approaching him, Austin knew that the only way for him to throw them off was to hide in the City.

'But if I used the City now, they would discover it, ' he contemplated.

He activated his spiritual sense to help him discern his surroundings.

A few seconds later, a smile crossed his face.

'There is a big river in front of a mountain ahead of me.

This is my chance, ' he frantically thought.

He picked up his pace and flew towards the river.

He arrived above the river within a few moments.

He then came down and stood in the middle of the water.

He communicated with the City he was carrying and the teleportation power transferred him into it.

The City grew smaller and smaller until it was finally as small as a grain of sand. It fell into the water and joined the gravel bed.

Since the water in the river moved quickly, the grains of sand moved down along the current.

The City kept moving downstream.

.. .

Barely missing Austin, the thirteen people landed on the ground near the river.

"That cunning brat. He hid again like the last time," Isis furiously growled, gnashing her teeth.

She had met Austin fac

at they started to be keen on cultivation. . .

Austin walked to an empty spot on the street and sat cross-legged.

As soon as he closed his eyes, he started to cultivate the Golden Sun Scripture.

The vital energy force started flowing in his energy meridians.

A few moments later, Austin put on a surprised expression.

As he activated his Golden Sun Scripture, he felt that something was going on with the Fire Stela inside his elixir field.

Out of curiosity, he activated his spiritual sense to check the Fire Stela.

He was alarmed to find out that the stela could refine different things.

It was in the process of refining the five dragons with different colours. Each dragon was the size of an adult's arm.

Austin had met the five dragons formed by the essence of waste elixirs at the Abandoned Elixir Cellar of the Magic Hand Sect before. They then had been trapped inside the Fire Stela.

"The stela is refining the five dragons!" he exclaimed in surprise.

Although the five dragons tried to put up a fight against the stela, the latter overpowered them and refined them little by little.

Soon, a substantial amount of elixir essences gushed out from the stela and flowed out of his elixir field, coursing into him.

The vital energy rapidly flowed through his energy meridians, faster and faster.

The cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture had also quickened.

It seemed like the Fire Stela was releasing a mysterious power that was causing the Golden Sun Scripture to act out inside Austin's body.

It grew out of control

and soon, the Golden Sun Scripture was running inside his body ten times faster than usual.

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