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   Chapter 835 Seeing Through The Fake Identity

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After Drew was gone, the first thing Austin did was to try and break through the barrier to finally be a level five pill refiner.

During the past couple of days, Austin spent his time watching and assisting Drew as he refined pills. Because of this, his understanding about medicine refinement had greatly increased and he felt more confident to do it on his own.

Drew's unique means and unmatched skills that were in display as he refined medicine had deeply enlightened him and his techniques.

As soon as Austin made sure that Drew was gone, he started to practice pill refinement himself.

All giddy and excited, he looked through the herbs stored in the cave, carefully picking everything that he needed.

When he got enough ingredients to refine five Earth Scorching Elixirs, he started to prepare them one by one.

Then, he took out his puce herbal pot and started the process of refinement.

Despite failing at refining an Earth Scorching Elixir a dozen times prior, he was very positive that he would be able to do it this time around.

'Well, I've already gained a lot of experience since then!' he thought, as he readied himself.

First, he put the herbs into the herbal pot, heating it and extracting its liquid. Then, he repeated the process to all the herbs he collected. After that, he combined the extracts of the different herbs so that the elixir would finally come into being. Each step was done carefully, so that he would finally get a successful refined elixir.

While everything went generally well, his refining speed was a little bit slow.

After about an hour, he put his hand on the herbal pot.

Taking a deep breath, he turned his palm up, and suddenly, an Earth Scorching Elixir leapt out of the herbal pot and fell into his waiting hand.

It was a beautifully refined Earth Scorching Elixir.

Upon seeing this, Austin was overjoyed. He exhaled a sigh of relief and satisfaction was evident on his face.

Finally, he was able to refine an Earth Scorching Elixir successfully, which meant that he had reached the fifth level of medicine refinement!. .

After celebrating his success for a while, Austin continued on refining the herb portions that were left.

In the end, he was able to refine three Earth Scorching Elixirs from five portions of ingredients, making his yield rate sixty percent.

He knew that this yield rate was amazingly high, considering that he had just entered the fifth level of pill refinement.

Happy with the success he found for the day, Austin held the three Earth Scorching Elixirs, appreciating their beauty for a while.

Among the three, two were of normal quality, while one was of fine quality.

Now, Austin had acquired an intimate and more comprehensive knowledge of the elixir's qualities.

Generally speaking, no matter whi

ceived that a dozen figures were hiding in the peak.

Aside from Xavier, Winnie and Isis, the Ten Prominent Disciples of the Punishment Branch of the Sky Sect were there!

Immediately, Austin knew what happened, and what was happening.

They had seen through to his fake identity.

The Magic Hand Sect was not a safe place for him any longer!

The news that he had gotten the precious treasure left by the Sword Emperor, as well as the supreme cultivation methods in the Fire Stela seemed to have already spread all over the whole Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Once his identity was revealed, there would be numerous cultivators flocking to where he was to try and snatch the treasures.

Even the cultivators of the Magic Hand Sect, who were his colleagues to some extent, might mercilessly launch attacks against him just to get to the treasures!

For now, finding Angus's daughter, was not his priority. His safety was!

And with that, Austin silently retreated.

He performed the bodily movement skill to its highest possible effect and flew to the exit at the speed of light. . .

Soon, the figures hiding in the peak had perceived that Austin had already fled away.

They instantly executed their bodily movement skills and chased after him.

Fortunately, the peak Drew lived on was remote and at the edge of the sect.

Since the defense force was made up of ordinary disciples, before they were able to react to what was happening, Austin was already out of their attack range.

Austin picked up speed. It was a good thing that in the way he went, he didn't meet any real obstructions.

After about half an hour, Austin had already flown out of the mountain chain where the Magic Hand Sect stood. Sensing that he still was not free from the clutches of danger, he continued to fly at an immensely high speed.

They were still chasing after him.

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