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   Chapter 834 The Whereabouts Of Angus' Daughter

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"I always thought there was something wrong with you.

Who are you? You look familiar to me. Have we met before?"

Isis suddenly asked while Austin was avoiding her eyes.

Austin was surprised, wondering how she could recognize him.

However, he pretended to be very confused.

"I'm sure we haven't met before. Do I look like someone you know?" Austin carefully asked.

Xavier and Winnie were both curious to hear Isis.

Isis thoroughly examined Austin for a while, her eyes almost glinting a hint of recognition.

"A man I hate the most.

You look like him.

But you don't seem to be him.

Whatever. I'll find it out sooner or later."

Upon hearing Isis' words, Xavier and Winnie immediately became alert.

They both knew who Isis hated the most, so they shot intense glares at Austin.

Xavier watched Austin intently for a while.

"I'll prove it," he uttered, never leaving his gaze on Austin.

Winnie had borne the same cold and intense glare on Austin too.

"Ahem, sorry but I don't know who you are talking about.

My name is Marsh, and I am from the Grand Dragon Empire," Austin replied calmly.

Although he appeared collected, Austin was still slightly anxious as he could not gauge the circumstance.

"All right! Boys and girls, stop playing these guessing games here.

Go and play your stupid game outside and don't disturb me," Drew suddenly uttered.

He had grown impatient and annoyed at their exchanges.

Xavier, Winnie, and Isis hurriedly prepared themselves to leave.

"You'd better not be him.

Nevertheless, I'll find a way to prove it," Xavier added.

Before leaving, Xavier shot Austin one last intense glare. . .

"Well, looks like you've had a problem with the three," Drew said meaningfully.

He was obviously amused with their encounter as a wide grin flashed on his face.

"Huh? What do you mean, Elder Drew?" Austin asked in surprise.

He was shocked to learn that Drew had known he was pretending to be someone else. The old man knew his true identity!

"Well, little guy, don't be alarmed.

I mean no harm, and I won't meddle with your business.

And I don't care about your origin or your past.

You have a gift for alchemy. And that is all I care about.

You must take a step further and enhance it.

If you don't understand anything about alc

n for years, without any human contact.

It was not the story he had expected to hear about her.

However, to complete Angus' entrustment, Austin must go to the Magic Hand Lake no matter what.

"Yes, I heard from the elder member of my family that there is a man named Lyman, who rescues the poor and helps those who are in need.

I wonder if you have ever heard of him?" Austin asked.

He had heard from Angus that Lyman was very good at disguising himself and pretending to be a kind and generous person.


Drew's expression turned weird at once.

"Don't you know that the sect leader of the Magic Hand Sect is Lyman?"


Lyman? He is the leader of the Magic Hand Sect?"

Austin could not have imagined that Lyman, who had framed Angus, was now the head of the Magic Hand Sect.

This was way beyond his expectation and more surprising than Rebecca's story.

"All right, Marsh.

Don't ask about such irrelevant things.

The great elder and sect leader are too far away for you to reach.

Focus on your alchemy.

There are some basic knowledge and experiences of my alchemy recorded on the jade slip. Take it and study it.

In the formula for the Power-strengthening Pill, I intend to replace several elixirs.

So, I will go out to collect herbs for a couple of days.

While you stay here and help me guard this cave," Drew said.

He threw the jade slip to Austin and immediately left the cave.

Meanwhile, Austin was left thinking of a plan on how to enter the Magic Hand Lake and see Angus' daughter.

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