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   Chapter 832 The Refinement Of Primordial Spirit Elixir

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The superior cultivator shuffled back and forth in the battle field with the Fire Stela on his head and the nine suns orbiting around him.

He was unstoppable among the enemies. He would send a sun hurtling towards them and thousands of them would be killed, and their corpses would fall like dropping dumplings

and whenever he smashed the stela on the ground, countless enemies would be crushed into pieces.

It was fair to say that wherever the superior cultivator went, he could turn the losing side into the winning side.

Soon, he had already killed countless creatures by himself.

This infuriated the leaders of the non-humans.

They sent hundreds of powerful warriors to stop him, swearing that they shall have his head on a spike.

The superior human cultivator

Austin believed that the room would have been blown up many times.

Even though Austin tried his best to avoid the explosion, he was still left with burn marks on his clothes and smoke puffed around him.

Drew, on the other hand, was not noticeably affected since he was incredibly fast as always.

... ... ... ...

The next day, Xavier arrived at Drew's cave along with Winnie and Isis to claim the elixirs they asked for.

Winnie took the three Primordial Spirit Elixirs and was delighted when she got a whiff of the pleasant smell.

"Please accept my deepest thanks," she sincerely said.

From beside Drew, Austin felt Isis's intense gaze.

It made him terribly uncomfortable.

'Why the hell is this woman always antagonizing towards me?' he agonized inwardly.

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