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   Chapter 832 Fire Stela Subdues The Five Dragons (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6161

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Gradually, a thick layer of waste elixir was laid like a carpet on the floor of the Abandoned Elixir Cellar.

Austin wasn't certain but made a guess that the five dragons might be made of waste elixir. The more they were affected, the more waste elixir was produced. So, that was the only explanation for this weird incident.

And being stuck in that situation, there was no way to confirm Austin's supposition and theory.

At last, the five gigantic dragons were dragged inside the Stela and locked up.

Or, rather they could be called as mini-dragons now.

That was so because every dragon had shrunk more than a thousand times. They became the size of a man's arm. Their funny present appearance posed a striking contrast with their previous look.

The five miniature dragons flew in circles around the Stela, like goldfish swimming up and down in the tank. Their colors enhanced one another's beauty, forming an amusing contrast. Though awkward yet they looked attractive enough.

Adding to the scene, the floor of the Abandoned Elixir Cellar, which was as wide as several thousand meters long, was covered with a thick layer, probably as thick as three hundred meters, of waste elixir!

Austin was unable to understand the phenomena. Neither could he come up with appropriate words to express his amazement.

The scene inside the Cellar was indeed spectacular. It was one never seen or heard about. Austin was lost in his thoughts and stood wondering at the spectacle that lay before him, Suddenly, the Fire Stela started to shake again. After completely suppressing the five naughty dragons, it turned into a golden ray, and rushed towards Austin's elixir field.

Out of blue, in his attempts to avoid colliding with the golden ray, Austin realized that he could, eventually, move his body.

It brought him immense relie

s of both the parties were constantly erased as the war persisted.

Countless dead bodies of humans and non-humans were piled reaching to height of the majestic mountains. A heavy reduction in the number of the remaining was inevitable.

However, the number of combatants of the different species way outnumbered the human side. Humans were put at a disadvantage.

Among all the capable men, there was one who caught Austin's attention. He was a special immortal who was the best of all.

He was tall, looked firm and persistent. He had two sharp and sparkling eyes. He was an enigma.

And most importantly, there was a huge stone upon his head, which was exerting pressure on everybody around him.

Austin was also amazed to see that as many as nine suns were revolving around him.

The suns were emitting dazzling bright light. The glaring sunlight blinded everybody who was daring enough to look directly into it.

"This is the Golden Sun Scripture!

And that is the Fire Stela!" shouted Austin stunned.

He almost paled with shock at the scene before his eyes. The arts the immortal was practicing was from the Golden Sun Scripture.

And the golden stone above his head was exactly like the Fire Stela!

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