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   Chapter 830 Fire Stela Subdues The Five Dragons (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6258

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The yellow one of the five fierce dragons let out a howl of pain. On hearing its cry of pain, Austin checked the elixir field inside his body right away.

Within his body, a huge stela, as solemn and magnificent as a lofty mountain seemed to shine. It spread the brilliance in every corner of the elixir field. The beams of light had a profound insight into the secrets of eternal power. It possessed the power which could suppress anything that was surging inside the elixir field.

It was the legendary Fire Stela!

Austin was amazed to see it and astonished at the powers it had.

The yellow dragon was struggling desperately. It wanted to flee. It wanted to move away from Austin's elixir field at the first sign of danger.

However, the golden light emitting from the huge Stela held it with an iron grip. There was no way for it to get away.

The dragon gave out a loud roar of rage and helplessness.

Still and unmoved, the Fire Stela sat motionless on its right claw like a paperweight. Austin's elixir field was like a cage that had imprisoned the fierce beast. The dragon was almost driven to despair.

All of a sudden, it seemed to have changed its plan.

It stretched its left claw. As fast as light its claw entered into Austin's elixir field.

Before Austin could understand what was happening, instantly the dragon got both its claws around the Fire Stela.

Power flowed into the powerful claws like high-voltage current. Waves of energy surged high all around it. It took Austin a few moments to realize what the beast was trying to do. Very cleverly, the dragon was planning to drag the Stela out of Austin's elixir field!

As the dragon began to do so, Austin was restrained from accessing his elixir field. All he could feel was complete exhaustion and extreme weakness. He could not even move a bit. The dragon's action made him unab

ela was about to devour them.

At the same time, Austin felt that the pressure on his body was diminishing. And the threatening beasts were also shrinking. It seemed that the compressing pressure of the Stela was concentrated on its target.

Suddenly, the sound of crackling reached Austin's ears.

Countless small beads hailed down and reached the bottom of the Cellar.

Austin raised his head to observe what was happening. These were beads of the size of a man's thumb nail. These small balls came out of nowhere. Slowly the rain of beads started getting heavier and heavier. Austin picked one up and took it closer to his nose. He knew what it was!

It was the waste elixir!

All these small beads that were falling were drops of waste elixir! There were tons and tons of precious waste elixir pouring from above! Austin was amazed by this dream-like scene.

It was a flood of waste elixir inside the Cellar as the drops kept falling within. 'But where did this precious medicine come from?' Austin wondered.

The more the five dragons shrank, the more waste elixir kept pouring down.

As time went by, the waste elixir flooded the Cellar and dazzled Austin. He didn't understand what was causing this drizzle of waste elixir.

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