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   Chapter 830 Five Dragons

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The dragon seemed to be both real and illusory. Shrouded by a thick layer of turquoise elixir essence, it was only faintly visible and highly mysterious.

Because of that, Austin was unable to sense its strength.

The illusory dragon lowered its head and gazed down upon Austin with its great piercing eyes for a brief moment.


A bloodcurdling dragon claw suddenly grabbed at him at lightning speed.

Austin dared not to make light of the dragon, and so he hurriedly delivered a punch upwards and dashed to avoid oncoming claw.


A muffled sound was heard.

Austin felt a tremendous force coming from the skies right before he was sent crashing out of control to the bottom of the well.

Despite being greatly surprised, with the help of his vital energy and physical strength, he managed to only drop a few hundred meters before he was able to steady himself.

Due to the sudden force inflicted upon him, his blood and vital energy messed with his energy meridians, causing him to feel a tightness in his chest.

'This dragon is so bloody powerful!' Austin thought, as he tried to center his energy again.

He knew that he was no match for this entity.


The huge body of the illusory dragon above Austin spiraled down along the well wall rapidly.

Again, a giant dragon claw grabbed at Austin.

As the situation called for desperate measures, Austin started to exercise the Thunderbolt Movement Skill. In a flash, he was able to descend another hundred meters

in order to avoid the new attack from the dragon.

After its second attack missed Austin, the dragon seemed to have stopped and instead decided to guard Austin on the well wall.

This new development gave Austin an insight as to what the dragon's intentions were. 'This beast must be standing on guard to stop me from escaping, '

he thought resignedly.

Without any new plan of action, he decided to observe the dragon above him for a few moments.

Its whole body was the color of cyan, and it exuded a thick fragrance of herbal elixirs continuously.

'Is it possible that this dragon was transformed from the accumulated waste elixir essence that has been in this Abandoned Elixirs Cellar for years?'

With that, an absurd idea came to Austin's head. . . .

Just as Austin was polishing the plan that had popped up in his head and was staring at the cyan dragon along the well wall, all of a sudden, something drastic happened beneath him.

The space had suddenly turned extremely unstable and was beginning to somehow twist!

Austin could feel that waves of tremendous energy were accumulating in a rapid pace.

As fast as it started, it stopped.

Howl... howl... howl... howl...

Four deafening howls were suddenly rang out from the space below, and that echoed off the well walls!

Once again, the space moved incessantly, but this time, it was evident that something was moving down there due to the rumbling that could be heard. .

With the help of his spiritual sense, Austin sense

ovement Skill immediately and vanished. Moments later, he appeared in another position.


Before he could even get back on his feet, Austin found himself under attack once again.

This time, it was the yellow dragon who slammed its claw over his head!

'These beasts are too deft and quick!'

Austin groaned inwardly.

Once again, he hurriedly exercised his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and soared up, in an attempt to get out of the well.


A huge dragon tail covered with dense black scales the size of bowl rim made a heavy blow to his head from above before he could reach his destination.

Working together closely, the five dragons started launching a combined attack against Austin.

Even Austin's swift bodily movement skill wouldn't be able to dodge the dragons' combined attack. . .

Sneakily, a yellow dragon claw attacked Austin from beside and it landed squarely on his abdomen.

A horrifying and tremendous force surged up.

Greatly astonished, it was too late for Austin to teleport himself into his City.


The yellow dragon's claw directly reached into Austin's elixir field.

These five dragons were indeed formed by the waste elixir essence accumulated in the Abandoned Elixirs Cellar over hundreds of years as illusory creatures.

Because of that, the yellow dragon claw easily penetrated Austin's body.

Also, the dragon was intelligent enough to realize the elixir field was the source of strength in a warrior's body, and with that information, it made the move to destroy Austin's elixir field once and for all.

A warrior whose elixir field was destroyed would by no means be able to cultivate vital energy anymore, not to mention martial arts skills.

At this moment, Austin was almost in despair. This attack would destroy him, and the dragons knew that! It sent a shiver down his spine!

But all of a sudden, a ball of dazzling golden light burst out in his elixir field.

The yellow dragon immediately let out a plaintive whine!

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