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   Chapter 829 The Dragon In The Abandoned Elixir Cellar

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The headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect was large and was surrounded by large mountains.

The Abandoned Elixir Cellar was relatively far from Drew's cave dwelling, so it took about an hour for Austin to arrive at the place.

It was situated on a wide valley in between two of the large mountains.

From far away, there was a sunken area where a dark green tower stood.

Majority of the tower's base was partially buried under the ground. The tower stood at about fifty to sixty meters tall; slim and sharp, pointing towards the sky.

On top of the tower's gate was a flat board that had 'Abandoned Elixir Cellar' written on it.

Austin walked up to the gate where he was then stopped by two disciples of the Magic Hand Sect who were guarding the tower.

He took out the token Elder Drew had given him.

As soon as the two disciples saw the token, they respectfully let Austin in.

They knew that disciples who had the token were closely acquainted to the elders.

Other disciples would usually butter up to the token holders whenever they had the chance of meeting them. . . . .

Austin walked straight into the tower

and was greeted by the strong acrid scent of elixir. The whole tower reeked of it.

The whole space was empty except for a well in the very center of the room. The well was about ten meters in diameter.

Around the well was a fence made of steel, protecting it.

As Austin scanned the area, he immediately observed that the space just above the well seemed a bit twisted. It wasn't very pronounced, but it was enough that he was able to sense it.

Aside from that, a vibe of an energy array was radiating from the mouth of the well.

It was obvious that the array was put on it as a form of protection for something.

Austin walked inside the steel fence by a small door. He then stood by the well, looking down carefully.

The inside of the well was extremely dark.

He wasn't able to see anything farther than four to five meters from the mouth of the well, thus he wasn't certain how deep the well was.

He decided to activate his spiritual sense to have a better look and was surprised to find that the well was about a thousand meters deep. And the deeper down the well went, the wider it became.

He sensed that the space at the bottom of the well was over a thousand meters wide.

However, it seemed as if there was some sort of hidden energy deep in the well, blocking his spiritual sense in a way.

So other than the depth and width of the well, he wasn't ab

threw a punch, and smashed the force from the elixir essence around him.

Bang! Bang!

With two loud bangs, the Purple Vital Stone and the Golden Emperor Seal were knocked back, flying straight out of the mouth of the well like two cannonballs.

Of course Austin wouldn't dare to let the Purple Vital Stone and the Golden Emperor Seal get out of the well.

If they flew out, the two disciples of the Magic Hand Sect outside would immediately find out that something was wrong.

He activated his vital energy and a huge hand materialize in the blink of an eye, just in time to catch the Purple Vital Stone and the Golden Emperor Seal.

While Austin dealt with that, a huge shadowy figure that was as big as a house appeared in front of him. It looked very frightening and Austin couldn't decide if it was an illusion or if it was in fact a real head. Its two eyes that glowed in the dark coldly stared at him.

'Is this... a dragon?' he thought.

There were two horns on its head and it also had long whiskers. By this point, it was apparent that the head belonged to a noble and distant dragon.

'Why is there a huge dragon in the cellar?'

It left Austin shocked and confused.

He felt an immense power emitting from the shadowy dragon.

He couldn't help but feel a great deal of apprehension towards the dragon in front of him; it frightened him. His whole body suddenly felt cold. He activated his vital energy force and found that there was a sign of condensation.

He also found that the dragon's body smelled like the elixir.

A thought suddenly came into Austin's mind.

It was such a quaintly bizarre thought; even he wasn't certain of it himself.

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