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   Chapter 828 Abandoned Elixir Cellar (Part Two)

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Austin saw Xavier on the side, shocked at what happened. Once again, he couldn't help but laugh on the inside.

Seeing what Winnie was doing, Drew waved his hand to signal her to stop.

"With the friendship between your Master and I, there is no need for you to keep saluting me," he said, smiling. His expression became serious once again as he prepared to start the refining process.

"Well, Winnie, you said that your spiritual soul was hurt. Please open your Soul Sea now so I can do an examination on you."

Winnie was stunned for a moment. A cultivator's Soul Sea was his or her most important and sacred place. Nobody would let other people's spiritual sense enter theirs that easily.

But the hesitation just lasted for a moment—Winnie took a deep breath and followed what she was instructed. She opened her Soul Sea and let Drew's spiritual sense enter.

"Well, the foundation of your spiritual soul have been somewhat weakened by a damaging force.

Although a Soul-healing Elixir can nourish your spiritual soul, its effect is slow and not thorough enough.

Well, for Harmony's sake, I will help you to make a Primordial Spirit Elixir.

The Primordial Spirit Elixir would not only quickly restore your spiritual soul, but it would also improve your spiritual sense,"

Drew said this as if he was a doctor prescribing his patient.

"Thank you so much, Elder Lu!"

Winnie was overjoyed when she heard these words.

She knew from her master that this old man in front of her had brilliant alchemy skills.

The elixir he personally recommended would surely help her.

"Elder Drew, the Primordial Spirit Elixir... Did you invent it yourself?"

Xavier suddenly chimed in, though he did so with muc

ndoned Elixir Cellar was truly a place that everyone in the Magic Hand Sect had used to dispose of their waste elixirs without really wasting them. . .

Drew passed two jade jars, which was as small as a human palm, and an elder's badge which had carving of the word "Drew" to Austin.

"But remember, the Abandoned Elixir Cellar is currently in a dangerous state.

You can only go down five meters deep in the cellar. After you fill up the two jade jars, you should exit it immediately.

If you don't and you go too deep, you will die,"

Drew warned him earnestly.

This made Austin very curious. 'What kind of danger would a cellar for abandoning waste elixirs have?' he thought, furrowing his eyebrows.

He wanted to ask Drew about it, but Drew evidently did not want to talk anymore.

After Austin figured out his game plan, he left Drew's cave dwelling and activated his bodily movement skill towards the direction of the Abandoned Elixir Cellar.

Since he used a fake identity to enter the Magic Hand Sect in order to avoid being recognized, he decided against flying.

So now, he was running at a moderate speed on the ground.

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