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   Chapter 826 Abandoned Elixir Cellar (Part One)

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"Boy, is that you again? Get in here!"

Elder Drew said as soon as he heard the voice of the Holy Son.

Only then did Austin realize that the Holy Son of the Magic Hand Sect was named Xavier.

Soon, Xavier came in with Winnie, the Holy Daughter of the New Moon Sect, and Isis.

After the three entered the hall, they saw the messy looks of Elder Drew and Austin. All of them cast the two odd stares. Well, how could you not?

Elder Drew's clothes were burnt in some places, and some part of it were ripped due to the explosion that happened.

There were a


"Thank you for your concern, Elder Drew. My master is in good health,"

Winnie answered, smiling softly.

Austin was totally shocked at this.

'Was there any kind of affair between this mad old man and Winnie's master?'. . . .

"Well, since you are a disciple of Harmony, then you are not an outsider, I guess.

I'll do you the favor,"

Drew said, finally agreeing to refine the elixir for Winnie.

"Thank you, Master Drew,"

Winnie quickly said as she heard this. Joy colored her face, and she hastened to salute and thank the old master.

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