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   Chapter 825 He Runs So Fast

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"Marsh, put on this Moonlight Armor. If something goes wrong, run out of the alchemy room as fast as you can.

The exit of the Isolation Array is over there.

Make sure you don't go in the wrong direction.

You're smart and competent. I don't want to lose such a good refinery assistant,"

Drew told Austin as he pointed at the entrance of the Isolation Array.

'What's going on?' Austin wondered.

He got an answer to his question when his eyes fell on the liquid inside the pot.

He took a look at the Moonlight Armor Drew threw at him, 'This is a middle-quality divine weapon, ' he delightedly thought.

He hurriedly put on the divine weapon and took a step towards the exit.

Drew took a deep breath;

the look of serious concentration was visible in his eyes.

The last step to refine the elixir—condensing the mixture to get the pill.

Drew activated his vital energy force, causing his clothes to shake and billow.

As he transferred his vital energy into the herbal pot, the green fire burnt more fiercely and engulfed the mixture.

The liquid essence started to boil.

The mixture of over 100 herbs then released a horrifying energy, fighting against the green fire.

Drew kept infusing his vital energy into the pot. After a while, the liquid essence started to condense.

The amount of the mixture inside the pot decreased.

Austin's eyes almost popped out in astonishment.

'Will Elder Drew be able to refine the Power-strengthening Pill?'

Austin truly admired Drew for his excellent refining skill.

'If he really makes it, he truly is a genius in alchemy, ' he pondered. . . .

A voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Marsh, run right now."

Austin noticed Drew's figure as it moved past him like a flash.

"Damn. How is this old man able to run so fast?" he murmured as he followed suit.

Sensing the upcoming danger, Austin activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and moved towards the exit of the Isolation Array.

At the ex

would refuse to get help from his excellent assistant.

Half an hour later, Drew's tall figure bolted out of the alchemy room in an instant.

With a loud sound, Austin was thrown out of the room again

even though he had made it to the door before the explosion.

Thanks to his powerful physical strength, he didn't get badly hurt.

However, his new clothes had been destroyed again.

Austin had to change into another set of clothes.

"Damn it! I don't believe I can't make it.

I'll continue to work on it. We will try again later!"

Drew said in an exasperated tone.

Austin was speechless at his persistence. He was starting to feel his legs turning limp.

'This crazy old man is always faster than me, ' he whined.

Drew's bodily movement skill was indeed swifter than Austin's.

It was the reason why he hadn't changed his clothes. The explosions had only left a few tiny burnt holes on his clothes

while Austin had already changed into two sets of clothes. . . .

"Excuse me, Elder Drew? Are you home?

It's me, Xavier. I want to see you."

A loud voice resounded from outside Drew's residence.

Austin's heart skipped a beat.

It was the Holy Son of Magic Hand Sect.

'He must have come here to ask Drew to refine elixirs for the Holy Daughter of New Moon Sect and Isis, ' he thought.

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