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   Chapter 825 The Restless Potion

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Drew was extremely serious now, like a devout man worshiping the gods he believed in.

"Three 60-year-old flame fruits!" he shouted.

After doing that, he adjusted the green fire in the herbal pot to the proper intensity.

Knowing that it was time to start refining the elixirs, Austin became fired up. He had been anticipating this moment for a long time.

As soon as Drew said that, Austin quickly reached over and grabbed three flame fruits from the big table.

After that, he threw them into the herbal pot, making sure that he committed no mistake.

To see how Austin was moving, Drew paused for a moment. He carefully observed his assistant and after a while was overjoyed.

"Excellent, Marsh. I can't believe how accurate and fast you are. Great!"

It was true that the help of a nimble and capable refinery assistant would make a pill refiner's job a lot easier.

About twenty seconds later, the three flame fruits had been refined into three small pools of red potions.

"Five snake grasses of thirty years!"

"Ten heavenly diabolic flowers of seventy years!"

"Nine earthly fire yams of ten years!". . .

Drew refined these herbs at a very fast speed. All the elixirs that were at grade seven or eight were refined into potions in less than one minute.

Such a result became possible with the help of Austin, who was able to immediately toss the ingredient into the herbal pot the moment Drew called it out to him.

The two cooperated very well, as if they had refined together many times before.

Drew was pleasantly surprised at how easy they worked together. Because of this, every time he looked at Austin, his eyes sparkled with appreciation for the young man.

The feeling was well reciprocated—Austin was amazed by the speed with which Drew refined the elixirs.

For hours, the old master and the young assistant were immersed in refining elixirs.

By the time Drew had refined about 80 kinds of elixirs, the colorful potions were suspended densely in the herbal pot.

It looked marvelous.

Austin secretly sensed the potions with his spiritual sense, gasping and marveling at Drew as he refined elixirs, curiosity in his eyes. . . .


it appear—

the liquid had only temporarily quieted down, and it was actually only brewing a more powerful surge!. . .

Austin turned out to be right. When the 150th elixir was refined, all the liquid in the herbal pot again crazily rolled up, causing the whole pot to jump up.

The liquid seemed to try to escape from the pot collectively.

This time Drew slapped the herbal pot more than sixty times before the liquid went quiet.

When the 170th elixir came, the liquid unsurprisingly surged again.

This time, it took Drew more than a hundred hits to quiet it down.

By the time all the elixirs and beast cores were refined, Drew soaked in his own sweat.

While Austin thought that Drew's whole process was incredibly thrilling, his legs had started going a little limp.

Perhaps only an experienced and powerful pill refiner like Drew would be able to suppress such a restless liquid.

Then, the final step to refine the pill came.

Drew was going to compress and fuse all the liquid in order to make it into a pill.

'Is it even possible?'

Austin wondered.

Looking at the pot, Austin couldn't help but feel fear.

It reeked scary aura, and he felt that something bad would happen any time now. . . .

By this time, Drew was clearly devastated.

His face was pale as chalk.

He clearly had little confidence that the last step of the process would be a success.

Suddenly he made a wave and threw something at Austin.

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