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   Chapter 824 The Power-strengthening Pill

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Drew led Austin into a very large alchemy room. Austin followed him quietly.

When inside, he just waved his sleeve, and a black herbal pot, which was about five feet tall, appeared in the center of the alchemy room.

Austin looked carefully at the black herbal pot that was painted with a mysterious pattern of flames. At first glance, the flames on the pot looked as if they were really moving.

That made the herbal pot radiate a sense of spirituality.

Austin envied Drew because the level of the herbal pot seemed very high. He guessed that this pot was even better than the herbal pot that he had obtained in the Cloud Cave of Great Sage Cloud.

"When can I get a great herbal pot like this one?" Austin whispered to himself. He became eager to own such a superb herbal pot. . .

Drew took out a large pile of elixirs from his Space Ring and threw them in front of Austin.

He then tossed a jade slip at Austin and said, "The elixir formula of the pill that we will refine is written on this jade slip.

At first, you should sort out the elixir ingredients that we will need and then put them in order.

I will set up an Isolation Array to isolate the alchemy room.

Fifteen minutes later, we should be able to begin to refine the pill."

Austin took the jade slip and pressed it on his forehead. The elixir formula quickly flowed from the jade slip into his Soul Sea.

The elixir formula recorded the name of the pill as Power-strengthening Pill.

It needed a total of more than 160 kinds of elixirs to make that pill!

Moreover, more than 30 of them were eighth level elixirs. Each one was very precious.

The rest were all sixth or seventh level elixirs.

In addition, it needed more than 40 kinds of beast cores, all of them belonging to grade 10 diabolic beasts.


After reading the elixir formula of the Power-strengthening Pill in his Soul Sea, Austin was stunned.

The number of elixirs and beast cores needed for refining the Power-strengthening Pill was just too huge!

In the past, Austin had required several kinds of elixirs for refining a pill. The most special one had used not more than a dozen kinds of elixirs.

It was the first time that Austin came across as elixir formula for refining pill that required over one hundred kinds of elixirs.

Aware that

ower of the cultivator after its effect disappeared.

Coming across such a wonderful pill, who would not want to hold it in their hands?

When Austin heard all that, he began to yearn for the pill!

If he could own Power-strengthening Pills, he would beat many enemies hands down, like those Holy Sons and the Holy Daughters from big sects. . . .

"All right, boy. It's time. Let's get started."

A serious look suddenly appeared on Drew's face.

He walked near the tall, black herbal pot, and took a deep breath.

Drew stretched out his big palm covered with bushy hair, and suddenly a wisp of swaying green flames appeared out of nowhere.

As soon as the green flames came out, the temperature of the whole alchemy room rose instantly.

Sweat dripped from Austin's forehead.


Austin squinted. He estimated that Drew's flames were good.

But they were still not as good as his Scorching Evil Fire.

Austin knew that he still could not achieve the full potential of the Scorching Evil Fire because of his current low power level.

However, he believed that with the enhancement of his own power, his control of the Scorching Evil Fire would improve a lot. Then, he would be able to achieve the full potential of the Scorching Evil Fire.

Drew waved his hand, and the wisp of green flames instantly moved off and got into the herbal pot from its mouth.

Immediately, a green fire seemed to rise up!

The whole space of the alchemy room was filled with green light.

Everything around started to turn green.

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