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   Chapter 823 Something Is Wrong With You

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After hearing what Austin said, Foster knew that he couldn't do anything else to change Austin's mind to leave Elder Drew behind.

"Well, you can stay here if you want," he said in a defeated tone.

"But you have to promise me—if you feel like you are going to be in danger, you must leave immediately and find me.

Although Elder Drew enjoys a very high position in our sect, he still has to obey the decisions made by the Elder Council," he explained, his face now serious.

"You know what? Take this jade slip. There is the message on there that the Elders from the Elder Council left for Drew.

When you want to leave this place, just give this jade slip to Elder Drew and he will let you leave,"

he finished, handing a jade slip to Austin. Concern was visible on his face.

Austin took it and put it aside.

Foster was about to leave when all of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks. His head whipped around, as if he was sensing danger. In fact, he sensed that three strong cultivators were approaching.

Three figures were slowly materialized in the sky, and they were headed towards Drew's residence.

Not a second after that, the three already landed in front of Austin and Foster.

Two of them were appealing women, while the other one was a handsome man.

At the sight of the three, Austin panicked. He lowered his head hurriedly to avoid making eye contact with them.

The only man among the three was Mr. Gold Hand, the Holy Son of Magic Hand Sect.

As for the two girls, one was the Holy Daughter of New Moon Sect and the other was Isis.

'What are they doing here?'

Austin wondered curiously.


Foster greeted deferentially, coming forward and bowing in front of the young man.

Holy Sons played a very important role in a sect and because of that, they were highly respected.

Austin heard that there could be two to three Holy Sons or Holy Daughters in a sect.

Simply put, they were the running candidates to be the next sect leader.

It meant that almost all the sect leaders used to be Holy Sons or Holy Daughters.

That was why the Holy Sons and Holy Daughters received much prestige and respect from the people of the sects—they would be their future leaders.

Stewards, on the other hand, were only intermediate managerial staff of a sect.

That was why Foster acted in a humble manner in front of Mr. Gold Hand.

"Marsh, come here and greet our Holy Son,"

Foster said to Austin.

Reluctant as he was, Austin moved forwa

ew Moon Sect asked.

"Nothing. Let's get going, Winnie,"

Isis replied without sparing Austin another glance.

Soon Mr. Gold Hand took the lead and the three flew out of Drew's residence. . ..

It wasn't until the three were out of sight that Austin's mind was set at ease.

'She almost recognized me, ' he thought.

It was only then did he find out that he had gotten little beads of sweat on his back.

"Marsh, I have to go," Foster said, as he turned to him.

"Keep one thing in mind: once you sense danger, give that jade slip to Elder Drew. He will let you leave,"

he reminded him one last time.

Austin was kind of touched by this. 'He really cares about me, ' he thought.

Two days after that, Austin became focused on refining Earth Scorching Elixir.

During that period, Austin had used more than ten portions of the medicinal materials but he only ended up with failures.

Despite that, he had a feeling that he was close to being a fifth-level pill refiner.

He was confident that he would make it very soon.

'Perhaps I lack practice.

As long as I continue to refine and accumulate more experience, I will be able to refine fifth-level pills, ' he thought. . ..

The third day then came.

Guessing that Drew would come back that day, he stopped refining elixirs and put aside his purple herbal pot.

He took out the two jade slips, and pretended to study the knowledge inside the slip as he was told to.

Soon enough, his speculation was proven to be right.

Elder Drew came back at noon.

"I finally got all the herbs I need!

Marsh, get ready. We're going to refine the elixir!" he said, laughing out loud.

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