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   Chapter 822 Something Is Wrong With You

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After hearing what Austin said, Foster knew that he couldn't do anything else to change Austin's mind to leave Elder Drew behind.

"Well, you can stay here if you want," he said in a defeated tone.

"But you have to promise me—if you feel like you are going to be in danger, you must leave immediately and find me.

Although Elder Drew enjoys a very high position in our sect, he still has to obey the decisions made by the Elder Council," he explained, his face now serious.

"You know what? Take this jade slip. There is the message on there that the Elders from the Elder Council left for Drew.

When you want to leave this place, just give this jade slip to Elder Drew and he will let you leave,"

he finished, handing a jade slip to Austin. Concern was visible on his face.

Austin took it and put it aside.


n portions of the medicinal materials but he only ended up with failures.

Despite that, he had a feeling that he was close to being a fifth-level pill refiner.

He was confident that he would make it very soon.

'Perhaps I lack practice.

As long as I continue to refine and accumulate more experience, I will be able to refine fifth-level pills, ' he thought. . ..

The third day then came.

Guessing that Drew would come back that day, he stopped refining elixirs and put aside his purple herbal pot.

He took out the two jade slips, and pretended to study the knowledge inside the slip as he was told to.

Soon enough, his speculation was proven to be right.

Elder Drew came back at noon.

"I finally got all the herbs I need!

Marsh, get ready. We're going to refine the elixir!" he said, laughing out loud.

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