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   Chapter 822 Spirit-nourishing Elixir

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This time, Austin intended to refine the Spirit-nourishing Elixir of the fourth grade, a kind of elixir specially made for improving the spiritual sense of cultivators.

Its main function was to nourish and strengthen the spiritual souls and spiritual senses of the cultivators that were going to take it.

In alchemy circles, there was a consensus that all spiritual elixirs were relatively difficult to be refined.

However, this Spirit-nourishing Elixir was a kind of elixir that was relatively more difficult to be refined among the fourth grade elixirs.

Austin found all the herbs needed to make a Spirit-nourishing Elixir in the cave of the Elder Drew. He piled them all up neatly beside him and sat down in a lotus position.

In his mind, he went over the refining methods for the Spirit-nourishing Elixir and the matters that needed attention.

Then, he began to refine the elixir.

First of all, he should burn the herbs, remove the dross and retain their essence.

Austin put his hand on the flame entrance of the herbal pot and sent in a golden flame.

Suddenly, the herbal pot was set ablaze with powerful fire.

With a simple move of Austin's hand, the first herb was thrown in from the herb entrance above the pot.

He then controlled the degree of the fire to the appropriate level, and burned the herb.

Soon after, a light green liquid was successfully extracted from the herb, which then floated into the chamber of the pot.

Austin then began to burn the second herb.

Austin became completely immersed in the refinement of the Spirit-nourishing Elixir that he was able to do it all day.

During the day, Austin was able to make a total of ten batches of the Spirit-nourishing Elixirs.

Seven were successfully produced, while three failed because of inaccurate timing or undesirable fire conditions.

Putting this into numbers, Austin's production rate for the Spirit-nourishing Elixir was 70%.

Since Spirit-nourishing Elixir was an elixir that was more difficult to be refined as compared to other fourth grade elixirs, Austin's rate of success was actually very impressive.

In order to see how well he was able to refine the Spirit-nourishing Elixir, Austin tasted one of the good one. As soon as it entered into his digestive system, a warm stream of heat rushed to his Soul Sea, and his whole Soul Sea became very calm. He felt very comfortable.

With that, it seemed that the quality of the elixir was top-notch.

Seeing the success of his refinement despite him current level of alchemy skill, he thought to challenge himself to be a fifth grade pill refiner.

Back in the Mysterious Nether World, Angus had given him numerous elixir formulas.

He went through that again and was able to find a relatively easy-to-refine fifth-grade elixir formula—the Earth Scorching Elixir.

The main function of the Earth Scorching Elixir was to quickly replenish the vita

etermined to develop into a pill refiner in the Magic Hand Sect, I really do not want to miss the opportunity to learn from a great master as Elder Drew."

Foster looked visibly stunned by the reply he got from Austin.


You want to stay here?"

he said, his eyes wide and his tone bewildered.

"Marsh, maybe you're new here and you don't know the truth yet.

It's a dangerous thing to be Elder Drew's refinery assistant," he continued, his eyes mellowing.

"I'll explain it to you:

Over the years, Elder Drew had recruited many refinery assistants.

However, none of them had come to a good end.

Someone was killed by an explosion.

Another one was poisoned.

Okay, Elder Drew's alchemy skill is indeed very outstanding. He is at least a ninth grade pill refiner.

But he always insists on making innovations in alchemy that are just very extreme and absurd to say the least!

It made his pill refining process very dangerous.

In short, Marsh, you'd be better off if you're not here. Listen to me." At that point, he took Austin's shoulders.

"It's very dangerous to be Elder Drew's refinery assistant."

The sincerity and earnestness in his voice was palpable.

'Well, that's the way it is.'

Austin finally understood what was going on.

No wonder Foster tried his best to prevent him from becoming Elder Drew's refinery assistant.

After being silent for a few moments, Austin finally said something. "Steward Foster, don't worry. I will be careful.

Although it's dangerous to be Elder Drew's refinery assistant, I still prefer to stay here.

As soon as I came here today, I knew that Elder Drew will teach me a lot about alchemy.

I want to stay here for a while. If there is indeed a great danger here, I will leave as soon as possible," he said, full of emotions.

"Since the Elder Council has made their decision, I'm sure that Elder Drew will let me when I decide to leave then."

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