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   Chapter 821 Is This The Way Of Refining Elixirs

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Fifteen minutes later, with Elder Drew's extremely fast flying speed, an enormous mountain range which exalted a majestic ambiance loomed before them.

It stretched for tens of thousands of miles and was shrouded by clouds and mist, making it faintly visible to the outside world.

Numerous grotesque peaks towered into the sky, and rare plants grew everywhere, forming a green and verdant vegetable layer. Rare birds chirped, and their voices echoed through the valley while pavilions, terraces, open halls, and magnificent palaces dotted in the mountain lands.

The air along the entire mountain range was rich with the faint scent of elixirs and the fragrance spread for dozens of miles, enchanting anyone who smelled it.

Austin speculated that it must be headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect. . .

Elder Drew landed on one of the mountains and entered a cave.

With its massive and extensive interiors, the cave consisted of dozens of rooms including halls and chambers.

Once Austin came in, he was almost intoxicated with a thick smell of elixirs that greeted his nostrils.

Elder Drew released Austin from his hold and threw two jade slips to him.

"Boy, one of these two jade slips records the information of tens of thousands of common elixirs.

The other one contains information about the necessary skills about duration and degree of heating, liquid extraction, and more about the refining process.

Almost all standard elixirs are available in my dwelling cave. Just help yourself and use as you like.

I heard from Fitch that you have a pretty solid basic understanding of the elixir refining. Good! It will save me a lot of time from teaching you the basic foundation.

Well, now I will be gone for three to four days to pluck some herbs. We will start refining elixirs when I come back,"

Elder Drew elaborately told Austin.

"Could I use the elixirs here for trial refining?"

Austin was a little pleasantly surprised.

He took a broader look and found piles of elixirs in every corner of the dwelling cave.

Some of them were of high quality and level, including grade six and grade seven ones.

"Of course you can. You can also find some basic elixir refining methods in the jade slip I gave you.

There are also guides for elixirs identification, duration and degree of the heating, and elixir liquid extraction.

You must practice more and train harder so that you could help me on my elixir refining process.

Try your best to learn and memorize the content in these two jade slips. Don't dare to slack off and be lazy.

I will not pardon you if you drop the ball when we start refining elixirs."

After briefing Austin on his task, Elder Drew stepped out of the dwelling cave and soared up into the sky. . . . .


ore new and unorthodox ways of refining elixirs.

Although Angus had imparted brilliant elixir refining theories and methods to Austin before, Elder Drew's deviant means made him quite itchy to have a try. . .

After he was done learning the content of the two jade slips, Austin began to walk around the dwelling cave, glancing over the stack of elixirs.

The cave was home to a wide variety of elixirs––very much like a store of potions and medicines.

Most commonly used ones were all available such as low-grade ones.

There were also high-grade elixirs such as grade sic or seven ones.

Especially for grade six and seven elixirs, a few drops of them would be enough to cause envy and fight between ordinary warriors.

But they were only in that cave, bounded in bundles.

It was beyond imagination! Those elixirs were just in front of Austin!

Moreover, he also found forty to fifty precious, plain herbal pots, each one with different characteristics and grades.

"This is a golden opportunity for me!

Better to exercise my elixir refining skill while I'm here alone," Austin muttered to himself.

He was evidently ecstatic.

Angus had imparted all the elixir refining knowledge, methods, and experiences he had collected all his life to Austin.

Austin had kept all those information in his Soul Sea, and practice was all he needed.

If he could make breakthroughs and become a fifth level or sixth level pill refiner, he would refine many elixirs useful for his own cultivation.

By then he would definitely be hitting two birds with one stone!

Determined, Austin took out his brown purple herbal pot and placed it before him.

'Review the method of refining grade four elixirs first, ' he thought.

As his eyes swept over the stacks of elixirs, he found a dozen kinds of grade four materials he would need.

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