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   Chapter 819 Dangerous Drew

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Having witnessed his talent in refining elixirs, Fitch, Len, and Lind knew that Austin would eventually be a pill refiner in their sect.

Besides, their recommendation would greatly aid him in his application to be a disciple of the Magic Hand Sect.

The three were quick to befriend Austin as they recognized the advantage of being his accomplice.

'When Austin becomes a pill refiner, I can ask him to refine elixirs for me, ' the three thought with thrill.

However, Austin knew what they were up to. Yet, he smiled and agreed to them.

The rest nine applicants stood aside, throwing glares at Austin with utmost hatred and jealousy.

"Find a place for Marsh.

I will fill several Elders in on his application for a disciple position,"  Foster instructed Fitch.

Fitch, Len, and Lind were satisfied with their plan and excited to see the results.

After securing everything, Foster turned around and intended to walk away.

"Fitch, you bastard! I asked you to find me two refinery assistants.

How did it go? I need them right now."

A loud voice resounded abruptly, and a tall man suddenly appeared at the square.

He was a white-haired old man whose nose was red and face unquestionably wrinkled.

The second he turned up, the smell of alcohol reeking from his body penetrated everyone's nose.

"Hello, Elder Drew," Foster, Fitch, Len, and Lind greeted respectfully.

Foster's decision to leave the place was halted and together with Fitch, Len, and Lind, he walked to the old man.

"Where is my refinery assistants, Fitch? Two days have passed, but I haven't heard anything from you.

I need to see them right now," the old man demanded.

He unexpectedly nabbed Fitch, holding him by the collar.

Fitch seemed to be really afraid of the old man. Smiling nervously, he hurried to explain, "I'm on it, Elder Drew. I would never dare to slack."

Upon seeing that, Austin immediately knew that the old man was an important person in the Magic Hand Sect.

Judging by the vital energy emanating from the elder, Austin was horrified to learn that his cultivation base was one level higher than Master Realm.

'He is an Astral Realm master, ' he exclaimed to himself in disbelief.

Although the compelling energy flowed significantly, he coul

that they were heading to the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect.

'Looks like Drew is planning to take me to the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect, ' he speculated.

As the wind howled in his ears, Austin couldn't help but admire Drew's amazing speed.

'He flies more than ten times faster than I do.

Astral Realm masters do have incredible strength, ' he continuously exclaimed in awe.

Suddenly, he also recalled Foster's words before Drew left the square with him.

'Drew just wants me to be his refinery assistant. Why did Foster plead him not to hurt me?

Is it a dangerous job to be Drew's refinery assistant?'

Austin thought of Drew's words and actions, and somehow, he had a bad feeling about them.

'It seems like Drew is a little dangerous, ' he concluded.

Austin could tell by the overbearing vital energy force surging out of Drew's body that he was no match for him.

'I stand no chance to outrunning or defeating him.

The only way to flee from his hold is to hide in the City, ' he thought after calculating the situation he was in.

Austin decided to follow Drew to the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect and play it by ear.

'If Drew tries to hurt me, I can immediately transfer myself to the City.

Or perhaps I have overthought.

I don't think being a mere refinery assistant will put me in jeopardy, ' he deliberated, quite easing out on the circumstance he was facing.

As he made the decision, he shook off all his apprehensions and settled to go with the flow.

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