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   Chapter 818 Becoming An Enlisted Disciple Of The Magic Hand Sect (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 5709

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"Okay, first, let's grill the materials with high heat,"

Foster suddenly directed in a low voice.

Austin did as he was told and doubled the vital energy he put in the pot at once. The fire began raging, giving off waves of heat into its surroundings.

Everything went well and it seemed that Austin had made the temperature right. Foster and the other three judges all nodded in appreciation.

"Now, I want slow fire for the baking,"

Foster instructed again.

Austin took a deep breath, and slowly absorbed some of the strong vital energy back before sending out a stream of gentler energy from his palm. Soon, the fire inside had burned down to a soft one, a kind that people would enjoy during a cold winter night.

In the next few moments, Foster had asked Austin to adjust the temperature to several different ranges in quick succession, and Austin had met all of his requirements easily.

A pleased smile on Foster's and the other three judges' faces had already appeared, and all their eyes started lighting up. Fitch, in particular, was evidently happy with what was happening as it was proving him right.

After giving out several instructions, Foster thought that a conclusion could already be drawn regarding Austin's performance, so he stopped giving them and ended the test.

"Tell me, my boy. You have done this pill refining thing before, haven't you?"

Foster asked, his inquiring and thoughtful eyes fixating on Austin.

"Yes, I have," Austin replied meekly. "I came from the Grand Dragon Empire, and my grandfather was a pill refiner of the second rank in the country. I learned a bit about pill refinery from him when I was young," he continued, successfu

hing that had happened today.

"Thank you for your kind words, Steward Foster! I feel so honored!"

Austin knew that now it was time for some flattering words.

"Congratulations, Marsh! I knew you would make it! I bet that with your incredibly good talent in pill refinery, you will accomplish great things in the near future!

Who knows? We three here today might beg you for your magical pills soon,"

Fitch once again chimed in and laughed.

He had come to give his congratulations, and at the same time, he had also implied that he wanted to make friends with Austin.

Not only him, Len and Lind also came to him and said a few good words to Austin.

Although the three of them were judges here today, their positions were relatively low in the sect.

Besides, they were no pill refiners themselves. So whenever they wanted some medicinal pills to boost their cultivation, they still had to cheek it and beg the pill refiners in the sect for help.

Most of the time, those pill refiners would give disciples in low positions like them a cold shoulder.

The three of them were a bit of doormats in the sect.

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