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   Chapter 817 Marsh's Stunning Performance

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The disciple then gave Austin another sheet of blank examination paper.

Without any hesitation, Austin quickly wrote down on it the required information for all the remaining dozens of the basic elixirs.

He checked the two sheets of the examination paper again before handing them back to the Magic Hand Sect disciple who had given it to him.

The disciple stared at the two sheets of the examination paper which had been fully filled with answers with widened eyes. Austin's speed and efficiency in filling in them stunned him to the extreme.

Each applicant would have ten minutes to fill in the things that were needed. But Austin just spent half of it to complete all his answers!

The disciple raised his eyes to look at the young man in front of him, an expression of astonishment still hanging on his face. Austin, however, walked out of the Isolation Array in a calm manner, paying no attention to the disciple's face that was full of curiosity.

All the remaining applicants walked into the Isolation Array for the test one after another.

Time passed quickly and soon, all the applicants had already taken their turns and finished their tests in order.

Fitch, Len and Lind then stepped into the Isolation Array to assess all the examination papers submitted by the applicants.

Another half an hour passed. Everyone held their breaths in anticipation.

Finally, the three walked out of the Isolation Array.

They all looked stunned, as if something impossible had happened.

Fitch held a name list in his hand. He unfolded it in a stern manner and began to announce the names of the applicants who had passed the first test.

According to the requirements, all the applicants, whose name he would announce, would walk one step forward and would line up squarely in a row.

When he mentioned "Marsh", he as well as Len and Lind could not help but turn to look at Austin with a look of appreciation.

Even their gazes were full of admiration.

Fitch flashed a mild smile at Austin and nodded at him as greeting.

Obviously, this overt appreciation caused envy in the hearts of all the applicants present.

Marsh was the pseudonym Austin used when he applied for the test yesterday.

About one hundred people had passed the first test. As for all the other ones who failed the first round, they all left the Magic Hand Sect in low spirits.


Then Fitch pronounced the rules for the second test.

Its focus was the quality of the warrior's vital energy.

To test the quality of their vital energy, each applicant must put his or her palms on a vital energy testing stone one by one.

Then they must launch their vital energies from their bodies into the testing stone. The stone would then flash a blue light. In order to show the strength and quality of the warrior's vital energy, the light would either dim or brighten up.

The testing stone was big as an adult's head in size and was pure, stain-free white.

In this second test, only ten people would be granted an opportunity for further assessment.

This meant that only ten of the most excellent applicants would be able to pass the assessment. The rest of the applicants would immediately be knocked out from the test!

The test then commenced after Fitch had detailed all the

shed speaking.

The green cedar grass was a common grade three elixir with a negative nature.

Therefore, it was usually used as an auxiliary elixir to offset the extremely strong positive effect of some elixirs during the process of pill refining.

Austin's eyes swept the pile of elixirs in front of him up and down. He was sharp to spot that there were several green cedar grasses of different growing years in it.

They ranged from seven years to ten years.

Austin then picked up the ten-year-old green cedar grass immediately the moment Len finished speaking. He was so familiar with every detail of those elixirs that he didn't have to think before making a decision.

Fitch, Len and Lind exchanged a look of approval with each other at Austin's quick response.

Then the other nine applicants picked up the required green cedar grasses in succession.

"A fifteen-year-old earth dragon potato living in timid sands."

"A twenty-year-old sun-facing fruit."


Len named dozens of elixirs at grade two, grade three and grade four in a row.

Again, every applicant must select the elixir with right growing years and environmental conditions as prescribed.

As a grade four elixir refiner, Austin encountered no difficulty in identifying all the required elixirs.

He was always the first one to pick the right elixir among all the applicants. And he did it almost at the same time as Len would finish speaking. And he was always correct!

He did it perfectly as if he had already gone through the exam multiple times.

"Wow!" All people inside the venue could not help but feel amazed at how well Austin was doing.

They all felt stunned, surprised, and inspired all at the same time.

"Send Steward Foster here! Hurry!"

Fitch ordered to a Magic Hand Sect disciple by his side, even though the test was still half way through its course.

His two companions showed no objections as this was exactly what they intended to do. Steward Foster must know the boy's excellent performance.

They all wondered whether Marsh would be offered an opportunity to become a formal alchemy disciple of the Magic Hand Sect. It would be exceptional if that happened.

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