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   Chapter 816 Examination For Refinery Assistant

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Austin decided to stay in the Elixir City for a few more days and look for opportunities to investigate the whereabouts of Angus's daughter.

He found a small hotel in a remote area of the city and checked in. He needed to ensure that he had a good place to rest and hide.

After he got a room for himself, he began to wander in the city, trying to find some clues which would help him locate Angus's daughter.

Moving around a little, Austin realized that the Elixir City was home to some amazing elixir stores.

And there were many such stores which lined any street one passed through.

Some of them would only purchase while some were busy selling.

The air was rich with the fragrance of various elixirs, making people feel refreshing and exhilarating.

As the Elixir City was in the vicinity of the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect, the elixir business here shared great prosperity. To its benefit, it made use of the location advantage and abundant local resources.

Austin strolled and looked around casually. Indulged in the fragrant scent of the elixirs, it was too difficult for him to stop himself from giving loud shouts of applause.

Suddenly, a small stall on the street attracted Austin's attention. There was a banner which said that they were looking for new recruitments.

Many people had already gathered in front of that stall, and kept chatting and pointing at something.

Austin's curiosity made him get into the crowd.

There were two men who seemed to be the owners of the stall. They looked like two disciples from some sect.

A banner was hung before the stall. It said, 'Elder Drew needs to recruit two refinery assistants. Anyone who is able to pass the examination will have liberal wages and benefits. Outstanding assistants with superb talent will have an opportunity to join in the Magic Hand Sect.'

Like everyone, Austin was aware that the Magic Hand Sect was one of the five major sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Being a disciple in the Magic Hand Sect meant climbing up the social ladder for most of the cultivators who had no background in a sect.

Moreover, every disciple in the Magic Hand Sect had the opportunity to learn the pill refining skills. Pill refiner skills would make a person rise above the ordinary.

So the people crowding around the stall were all young warriors. They seemed to be waiting to make use of such an opportunity.

Two Magic Hand Sect disciples responsible for recruitment explained the recruitment process to everyone in detail.

Any cultivator who was interested in the recruitment needed to register first and take part in the examination. Only the top two, the most outstanding candidates would be sele

finish this off with ease.

With a slight smile on his lips, Austin walked into the array.

A long table was placed there.

Fifty basic elixirs were placed on the table in a row.

Faint fragrances of the elixirs permeated into the air and mingled with each other. They reached Austin's nostrils slowly.

A disciple of the Magic Hand Sect, who was standing by the long table, gave Austin a piece of blank paper and a pen.

He had seen Austin walk in and look around.

Austin took the blank paper and pen from the man.

Without any hesitation and wasting no time, he wrote the names, categories, properties, regular collocations and functions of all those elixirs one by one on the paper.

As a fourth level pill refiner, those rudiments and details about elixirs were already engraved in his memory. He hardly stopped to recall anything about the elixirs. It was like all the details were pouring out through his pen on the paper consistently.

He was quick in writing and possessed beautiful penmanship.


The disciple standing by the long table gaped unbelievably at Austin.

Just in a short moment, Austin had finished writing the information about over thirty elixirs.


He could utter no other word when he realized that the blank paper was now full of characters. There was no empty space to write more words on it.

"I am sorry, maybe I have written too much.

Could you give me another piece of paper?"

The disciple in front of Austin handed him a paper mutely. He was dumbfounded when he saw the dense characters already written on the first sheet of paper! He didn't know what to say so he quietly handed Austin a second sheet of paper.

'Is this guy only applying for the position of a refinery assistant?' The disciple began to be haunted by doubts.

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