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   Chapter 815 The Torn Dress (Part Two)

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The man who spoke had a prominent spiritual sense capability with which he could easily sense the destruction the fight had made in the surrounding area.

"That is true!

The fight was violent and intense!"

another person pointed out. Upon hearing this, all the remaining members of the group nodded their heads in agreement.

Then, as if on cue, they all lifted their heads and looked at the distant sky. A floating object grabbed their attention.

Through the thick clouds, they could see that there was a giant bird puppet advancing towards them.

Flying at the speed of light, the bird puppet whizzed over their heads thrice and circled in the air before finally landing in front of them.

The Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect and his three principal disciples slithered down from the back of the bird a few moments after it touched down. Standing in front of the ten disciples, the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect held out his hand and waved it quickly in the air. Instantly, a dozen of thin-as-hair black shadows emerged and floated down on his palm.

They were some very tiny gnat puppets that inhabited in this area.

Needless to say, these gnat puppets had witnessed what had happened between Austin and the Holy Daughter a few minutes ago. Utilizing his spiritual sense, the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect felt the experience of the insects in his palm.

After getting all the information he needed, he dismissed the insect servants and turned to the ten disciples.

"Austin has just had a big fight with the Holy Daughter Winnie of the New Moon Sect before we arrived," he claimed.


Austin was fighting against Winnie?"

Consternation was evident on the faces of the ten disciples.

"How did the fight end?" one of them asked hastily.

Apparently, the mere mention of Austin's name piqued their interest.

"Winnie lost and ran away," the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect answered. Doubt could be heard from his tone.

With his eyebrows furrowed, he obviously didn't expect that to happen.

"What the hell!" all the ten disciples exclaimed in chorus.

They all started feeling numb. "Are... are you telling the truth? Is that really what happened here?" one of them asked, trying to confirm whether they heard things correctly.

For them, such a scenario was impossible to happen.

For one thing, Winnie did not fight Austin alone, for they had known that she had the support of Isis. Another thing was, they all knew what Winnie was capable of doing. Her Phoenix Secret Skill was something that many feared, and it had served as one of her biggest advantage over all the other elites in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

It was a fact that none of the disciples of the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch could stand up against the Holy Daughter of the New Moon Sect if they h

him, otherwise they would have never recognized him just by his face. The arcane spell must be something that had the ability of tracking soul auras or spiritual senses.

Truth be told, they made a good use of Austin's weakness in this respect.

Although his Appearance-transforming Clothes could help him change his appearance, the thing it could not alter was his soul aura or his spiritual sense.

So, having learned his lesson from last time, Austin did not dare to head for some big, famous place.

Instead, although inconvenient, he chose an outlying village and secluded mountain road for his march.

Ten days later, Austin finally got to the Elixir City.

Stopping at the gate of the Elixir City, he drew a deep, luxurious breath. With it, he released his long-accumulated tension he had been carrying. After entering, he quickly began searching for a sect named Magic Hand Sect.

The Magic Hand Sect was a place where Angus' daughter lived.

She was the Holy Daughter of the sect five hundred years ago.

But considering that five hundred years had already passed since then, Austin had anticipated that the Holy Daughters of the Magic Hand Sect had already been switched many times over that long period of time.

If she was still alive, she must have become a great master of her sect whom everyone showed their respect to.

Given his circumstances, Austin knew that he could not just randomly ask a person on the street about her whereabouts although he knew that everyone definitely knew her.

For one thing, inquiring about a great master from strangers would easily bring warnings and alarm in the city. Second, if any fighter of the Sky Sect had succeeded to pry information about him and was already on his track due to his carelessness, his enemies would definitely swarm the area, putting not only his life at risk, but also all the innocent people around him.

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