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   Chapter 814 The Torn Dress (Part One)

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After carefully assessing the situation, Austin concluded that if the New Moon Sect's Holy Daughter had demonstrated her Phoenix Secret Skill to its highest possible state, there was simply no way that he would be able to survive such a lethal blow. While there was a slim chance that he could escape immediate death, crippling injuries would definitely be inflicted upon him if he stuck to this fight any longer.

So upon further weighing the pros and cons of the situation in his mind, Austin decided to keep a safe distance from the Holy Daughter and carry out his attacks within the farthest point of his power range. Using his perception, he ordered the giant vital energy hand that was holding Isis to explode.

At the same time, grabbing the opportune moment, he activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and swiftly retreated to a safe distance. From there, he watched what would happen to Isis.

Upon receiving his order, the giant vital energy hand started vibrating violently. After a few seconds, it exploded into flames and produced a ghastly, rumbling sound that resonated throughout the entire area.

Everything in the immediate vicinity caught fire. Isis was the nearest one and was supposed to be scorched the most.

However, despite her dress being torn and shredded into pieces due to the impact of the explosion, she herself remained unscathed. The fluttering fragments of her white dress swirled around her like thousands of beautiful butterflies and it only accentuated her form. With clothes only enough to cover her most sensitive parts, Isis's soft and delicate body unleashed its full glory in front of Austin.

Luckily, she had scarlet red underwear around her and it kept her from being stark naked and embarrassed beyond words.

Upon seeing that, Austin instantly knew that the abdomen wrap was a kind of a guardian armor.

Otherwise, the explosion of the giant vital energy hand would have torn it into pieces just like what it had done to her white dress.

Isis never expected Austin to stage this kind of attack. For a moment, the sheer immense blow of the explosion blanked out her mind. She was able to come around a few moments later, and only then did she realize the embarrassing state she was in.

Hurriedly covering her breast with her ha

you always see things in such an inappropriate way?" Austin sulkily exclaimed. He even feigned offense to get his point across.

Although annoyed, he knew that he simply couldn't do anything to silence the gnome.

"Okay then, I admit that I sometimes think in a dirty way," the gnome said, a sly smile slowly forming on his lips. "But you have to admit that you act in a dirty way!" With that, the gnome couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm not judging you, though. Please just keep tearing girls' clothing apart as much as you like,"

the gnome finished, his eyes now sparkling. . . .

While the gnome was still yapping, the sulky look on Austin's face suddenly turned to utter fear and his face became deathly white.

Under the perception of his spiritual sense, he was able to perceive that ten people were rushing towards his direction.

Immediately, Austin knew who they were. Without a doubt in his mind, he recognized that they were the Ten Prominent Disciples of the Punishment Branch he had been avoiding for so long now.

Immediately, he activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and made himself invisible. Within a fraction of a second, he was already off towards the distant sky.

A moment later, ten figures fell directly where Austin was standing.

Just as Austin thought, they indeed were the Ten Prominent Disciples of the Punishment Branch from the Sky Sect.

They had smelled the scent of the fight from far away.

"An intense fight happened here just a few minutes ago," one of them said.

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