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   Chapter 812 Fighting The Holy Daughter Of New Moon Sect (Part Two)

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Austin also unleashed 20 spiritual sense spears straight towards her Soul Sea.

Five beast paws, a spiritual demon, and 20 spiritual sense spears all together exerted a huge spiritual sense pressure on her Soul Sea. It was like facing a huge army alone.

Winnie's expression instantly changed from anger to fear.

'This is not possible. How can someone like him have such a powerful spiritual sense!' she thought in surprise.

The movements of the illusory phoenix suddenly slowed down, because her spiritual soul was suppressed and was in the middle of a battle. . .

Austin infused his vital energy force once again into the Purple Vital Stone on his left palm and the Golden Emperor Seal on his right palm. Their size grew in a matter of seconds, then he hurled them straight at the phoenix.

They again collided with the talons.

Then again they returned with failure. But just like last time, they flew back towards Austin. Without as much a scratch on the phoenix's talons.

As Austin stretch out his hands and clapped, the Arhat Golden Bell appeared and confronted the talons.

The Arhat Golden Bell was a weapon which could be used both for offense and defense. It was quite versatile and very useful.

"Clank!" Arhat Golden Bell only collided with the talons but just like the first weapons, it came flying back towards Austin.

The Arhat Golden Bell immediately retreated to Austin's hand.

'The phoenix was just too powerful for such weapons!'

Austin deeply sighed once again. The situation was not getting any better at all.

Thankfully, the illusory phoenix's attack slowed down because the Holy Daughter's spiritual soul was preoccupied and was being suppressed.

So Austin dodged the attack of the illusory phoenix

f your hand!"

the Holy Daughter of New Moon Sect shouted angrily. Her vital energy hand changed its direction and went straight towards Austin.

Austin didn't even bothered to dodge it.

He simply used his physical strength to punch it away.


Austin was forced a dozen steps back and his vital energy was trembling in his body because of the impact.

Despite that, his body didn't suffer any injury whatsoever.

"Oh no you don't!"

Shaking off his dazed state, Austin controlled his huge vital energy hand, which had successfully gripped Isis, and pulled her towards him, like a fish being reeled in towards the boat.

Isis was surprised and dumbfounded at same time with what happened.

'My cultivation base was at the same stage as Austin's. Why is his vital energy force much stronger than mine?' she thought in a daze.

"Brat. Release Isis at once!"

The Holy Daughter of New Moon Sect screamed when she saw Isis was caught by Austin. She went crazy and fought desperately. She was like a monster gone wild with anger and rage.

The illusory phoenix cried aloud echoing in the sky. It pounced upon Austin while exuding great pressure.

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